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40K: Necrons Confirmed & Sautekh Dynasty Rules Released

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Mar 19 2018

Games Workshop is verifying those Necrons rumors as more previews show up. First up is the Sautekh Dynasty!

Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock, you’ve probably noticed a bunch of Necron leaks all over place. Well this week we’re getting confirmation from Games Workshop of what’s real – and it’s looking like pretty much all of it so far!

The Necrons are going up for Pre-Order this weekend so get ready for the Metal-March to war…


via Warhammer Community

Codex: Necrons is designed to give you unprecedented choice and flexibility when constructing your army. Like previous codexes, you’ll be able to customise your army by dedicating them to a well-known sub-faction – in this case, a dynasty. Each dynasty has a corresponding Dynastic Code – a set of rules that’ll allow for a huge range of potential armies. This week, we’ll be previewing each Dynastic Code, as well as taking a look at some of the most improved units in the new codex

Goatboy had a pretty solid break down of what he thought of the Dynasty Codes earlier. I agree with him – they are going to be mobile. It’s going to be a frightening to see units like a big block of Warriors or Immortals advance and fire. We’ve never really had Necron “gunlines” with that type of speed, other than Destroyers or maybe Tomb Blades. New tactics for the Necrons and new challenges to overcome…I like it!


Speaking of Tomb Blades, GW is also showcasing some of the new stuff the units are getting in the book starting with Tomb Blades:

Tomb Blades will have a 14″ move and come stock with the new Evasion Engrams rule. Any time you can reduce the opponent’s BS you’re lowering the number of hits coming your way which is ALWAYS a plus for you. To top it off, the Tomb Blades are also rocking T5, 2 Wounds, and a 4+ Save. Not too shabby. Oh and they are cheaper now, too!

“Our eyes are on the Catacomb Command Barge – it’s durable, it’s incredibly well armed and you’ll be able to lay down a considerable hail of fire on the move with your gauss cannon and staff of light thanks to the Sautekh Dynastic Code.”

The Command Barge is back in a big way as well. With a ton of customization options, you’ll be able to create the right Characters for your play style. If your Warlord happens to also be from the Sautekh neck of the woods, then your Command Barge has a new ability called Hyperlogical Strategists:


We’ve seen this type of trait before. The free re-roll once per game is useful (if you remember to use it) but I think that CP refund is were it’s at. And if you’re worried about your Command Barge going down, don’t worry – there is another Stratagem for that:

The Character will come back with 1 wound remaining! If only there was a way for them to regain wounds…

HI! I can help you regain wounds!



Oh. Well there you have it! Be sure to tune in all week as we get more confirmation from GW about what’s heading your way with the NEWcron Codex!



Beep-Boop. Boop. Beep.

Author: Adam Harrison
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