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40K: Nihilakh Dynasty Preview

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Mar 22 2018

Opulence. They has it. The Nihilakh Dynasty rises again with the next Necron Preview from Games Workshop.

Step aside Hedonismbot, the Nihilakh Dynasty is here and they are all about the wealth. GW is showcasing the dynasty that embodies the old ways – don’t move, just shoot.


via Warhammer Community


First up we get a look at their Dynasty Code “Aggressively Territorial” – they are all about the static gun-line (literally if you’re using tesla weapons). When these models DON’T move, they get to re-roll 1s, even for Overwatch shooting. Personally, I think 8th is slanted towards mobility and positioning so I’m not 100% sold on this ability. However, in those pivotal turns when you have set things up correctly, that makes your shooting very reliable. GW as teased their stratagem:


For 2 CP, that immobile unit is now tougher to put down AND is ready to fight in the close-combat phase. +1 to your save and and additional attack isn’t bad – but again, you have to have setup a very specific set of circumstances. I would applaud a Necron player for pulling that one off.

Speaking of stratagems, GW also teased a few more that are coming in the book as well:

Damage Control Override is another one of those “work until you’re dead” type of stratagems. It allows a damaged vehicle to operate at max capacity until it’s actually dead. There are a few Necron Vehicles that will be able to really take advantage of this – more on that below.



Dispersion Field Amplification is specific to the Lychguard and it can be worth the CP. The first thing is does is that it allows them to get a 3+ invulnerable save which is already a great way for that unit to stick around. On top of that, every time you get an unmodified 6 for your save, you cause the attacking unit to suffer a mortal wound after it has finished it’s attacks. That unit doesn’t just tank – it goes on the offensive with their shields!

Suddenly that “Reclaim A Lost Empire” Stratagem is making a lot more sense. If you stack that on a unit of Lychguard, they become a pretty terrifying unit to deal with. Saving on 2s with an Invulnerable save vs shooting and they get a bonus attack with their already potent melee attacks…that would make a tough nut to crack!

The Doomsday Ark also got some love in this new book, too. The Main Cannon got an improved profile:

Gaining 12″ of range and going to D6 shots for Low Power is pretty nice. The High Power option stays the same, but it can take advantage of the above Dynastic Code. Heck, even if it’s taken a few wounds Damage Control Override will allow it to fire at FULL POWER!

Hey, if you’re going to stand and shoot – you might as well be accurate about it, right? D6 Str 10, AP -5 D6 Damage shots is no joke!


That’s all for the Nihilakh Dynasty from GW. Are you ready to party you’re a Necron?


Blackstone Grapes….Delicious!

Author: Adam Harrison
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