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40K: The Novokh Dynasty

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Mar 21 2018

The Novokh Dynasty is the melee focused Necron Army. Take a look at their rules preview and see how their tactics fare.

That’s right folks, the Novokh Dynasty has come for your blood. Awakened by Murder, they have donned the red colors of their dynastic faction, and have taken to the field with a lust for murder, death, and mayhem that makes even Destroyers–the soulless killers of soulless killers–sit back and say, “dang guys, maybe you should cool it beep boop I am a robot.”

As you can see the Novokh love close combat. Their trait makes the assault units very happy, but makes even your gunline troops a little more deadly–though I doubt how well they’ll hold up against dedicated assault units. But against other troops that aren’t quite as specialized, even your shooty units have increased killing power in close combat.

Really though, the Novokh are all about capitalizing on assault. They’re the only ones with access to the Necron-flavored “Spend 3 CP and fight a second time” stratagem:

And if you take units like Flayed Ones or Lychguard you can buff them up pretty reliably with the Disruption Fields stratagem, which increases their strength…


Which is good because so far, we haven’t seen too many Necron characters or the like that hand out close combat buffs. There’s no Flayed One equivalent of a Broodlord or Exalted Champion, for instance. But the Necrons do get a pretty significant upgrade to Canoptek Wraiths.

Their AP and Damage have both gone up to 2. And now they can benefit from the Repair Subroutines stratagem, a 2 CP stratagem that grants a Canoptek unit access to Reanimation Protocols for a single turn.

It’s an interesting take on an aspect that isn’t usually highlighted in a Necron army. I don’t think it changes your army to the extent the Sautekh dynastic code does, but it does seem like a good way to really build a take-all-comers kind of list. With the Novokh, you’ll at least be able to have an answer for everything.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for more Necron previews!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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