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40K: The Curious Case of the Missing Armiger Bits

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Mar 19 2018
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The new Armiger Warglaive kit is missing some bits that open up deeper questions about its future.

The Armiger Warglaive is a fantastic kit – essentially a baby knight.  You get two of them in the new Forgebane boxed set.  Each has 4 sprues.

Examining the Armiger Sprues

These 3 sprues images  below have been cleaned up by GW – but they all originally are a single large sprue that gets snapped into the 3 seperate ones at the factory. As you can see these three sprues form the main model.


Torso (Note faceplate parts 20, 21) 


Torso sprue closeup (obverse – faceplate parts 20, 21) 

Upper carapace

The 4th sprue is shown below and we need to point out three things:


Weapon sprue

  1. Thie sprue is a standone with no snap-off nubs connecting it to any other sprues.
  2. This Sprue is marked “B” on the lower left. There is no Armiger sprue included that is marked “A”
  3. Look carefully at the two faceplates (parts 8 & 9)

The Plot Thickens

Now let’s look at the instructions of the Armiger from the Forgebane kit:

That’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

Faceplates 20 and 21 are the standard ones included in the chassis sprue – look above for the closeup image.

Faceplates 8 and 9 from the “B” weapons sprues are not included in the instructions.

Faceplates 10 and 11 from the instructions are not included on the 4 sprues in the kit.


What Does it Mean?

Based on all the above clues – this strongly implies that there is a 5th “Sprue A” coming in the future. Who know’s what’s on it, but clearly 2 faceplates are.  The logical choice would be for it to include additional Armiger weapon options.

~I think the Armiger has a solid future ahead of it with lots more options when Codex Imperial Knights arrives.




Author: Larry Vela
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