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40K: The Mephrit Dynasty Does Not Mess Around

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Mar 20 2018

The Mephrit are one of the strongest Necron dynasties. Come see why.

The Neceons are all getting a pretty big boost in the upcoming codex. Two dynasties really seem to stand out with their faction rules, Sautekh aka the one dynasty with a majority of the characters…and the Mephrit dynasty, which will kill you dead.

After all, these are the Necrons who killed the stars themselves and turned them into deadly weapons. Their armor glows with solar light–if only we could all be so grossly incandescent.

But they don’t have time to praise the sun. They are here to kill your army. And their faction trait gives them a serious leg up in that department.

via Warhammer Community

Mephrit probably has the best Necron Warriors. They go from being minda good to packing a powerful punch, bringing their gauss flayers to -2 AP means you’ll be shredding infantry the closer you get. Immortals get even beefier, with their gauss or tesla weapons benefitting from some extra AP.


It does mean you’ll have to get in fairly close, which can be a problem for the somewhat lumbering army–but coming off a Monolith, Ghost Ark, or Night Scythe and right into rapid fire range makes these robots mean. And that’s just the troops. The big unit in focus here are the Destroyers, whose guns have gotten a significant buff:

An extra shot, a point of strength, and at half range you’ll be AP -4. Which tears through even the heaviest armor pretty handily. Though this does highlight one of the things Necrons might have trouble with–in the Index, at least, they don’t have too many things that are great at taking out heavy vehicles. Strength 6 is good–but against like Land Raiders or (more likely) Knights, you’ll have a harder time getting the wounds you need.

But against elite infantry, the Mephrit shine–tear through terminators, carve up Custodes. Feel good about life in general (and how you’ll be making it be dead). Especially with stratagems that combo well together, like Extermination Protocols and Solar Pulse:

Which let’s you reroll hits and wounds, and with Solar Pulse you can even deny cover without really having to do anything. Necrons can really burn through command points–but, they are fairly efficient while doing so. Consider Entropic Strike, which gives you an edge against characters in combat:


That combos brutally well with some of the relic weapons present in the book. These weapons are devastating, if you can get in with them. 

Now, obviously the Voidreaper is the relic you’d take for Entropic Strike. But the Mephrit also get access to the Voltaic Staff, which turns your staff of light into a tesla weapon–and, again showing off the synergy in the book, goes real well with the Mephrit Warlord Trait.

Necrons can build some amazing warlords. At any rate,  that’s the Mephrit Dynasty for you. Be sure and check back tomorrow to see what else the Necrons have in store.

Praise the Sun!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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