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40K: Unboxing the Armiger And Cryptek

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Mar 18 2018
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We’ve got our hands on the Armiger Warglaive and the new Cryptek from Forgebane, come take a look!

Hurry hurry hurry, step right up, witness the 8th and 9th Wonders of the World. In this corner, weighing in at several tons more than I can count, the Ad-Mech Menace, the Armiger Warglaive, and here we have the Blackstone Brawler, the one, the zero, the Cryptek!

You’ll find both of these in the new Forgebane Box. There’s the Knight Arniger Warglaive, which is basically a baby Inperial Knight, and the Cryptek with Canopic cloak, which looks a lot like someone took a tomb spider amd turned it into Necton clothes. Very cool all around. Let’s start with the Armiger.

You get two of the Warglaives in the box, each one will run you around 225-250 points, depending on how you kit them out. And looking at them up close, you can really see that they scaled down the Knight–or at least kept it’s design in mind when sculpting this guy.

Armiger Warglaives are smaller than Imperial Knights but taller than most Imperial vehicles, they wield reaper chain cleavers, thermal spears and carapace-mounted heavy stubbers – the latter can be replaced with a meltagun.


Now let’s take a look at the Cryptek.

Armed with a staff of light, and responsible for leading the forces of the Necrons into battle against these meddlesome humans who want to seize their Blackstone deposits, this Cryptek has been upgraded with a canopic cloak. On the back you’ll see all the segments–very reminiscent of the Tomb Spider.

The Necron Cryptek is covered in ornate armour featuring intricate geometrical patterns and wielding a tall staff of light. His segmented cloak connects to a Canoptek Scarab, allowing for flight, and the included base features pieces of ruined Necron architecture.


Inside the Forgebane Boxed set you’ll find the armies to accompany these models; you can pre-order them now!

One can’t  help but feel this is where yet another robot uprising begins…

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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