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Adepticon: 40K Top 8 Lists & Meta

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Mar 23 2018

It’s March Madness, and that means it’s time to take a look at the Elite Eight.

That’s right friends, it’s March Madness, and that means two things: 1) Adepticon is Happening, B) The only thing people care about are brackets that can be broken down in alliterative or assonant pairings, iii) It’s time to take a look at the latest lists to take the competitive cake. Also, I guess I lied about there only being two things–but I figure treachery and betrayals of trust are par for the course when we’re looking at the top tier players who didn’t come here to make friends. So with that in mind, and without further ado, let’s dive in.

Elite Eight Lists-Meta

There are 3 Tyranid lists present this time around, two of which are the same list featuring: 7 Flyrants, Big Spores, 4 Mawlocs, and 3 sets of Rippers–after all someone’s got to have an answer for the Dark Reapers, and 7 Flyrants will do what they want! Speaking of which:

The Eldar Aeldari are also present, with a list very similar to the LVO Top List, bringing with them all the Dark Reapers and Shining Spears you could want. Just interrupting your stream of Tyranid tyranny to bring you that–but we mentioned a third Tyranid list, so let’s take a look at this last one.

It’s technically Genestealer Cults with the Astra Militarum brought in thanks to keyword shenanigans, which allows them to have a Command Point Dynamo plus a Shadowsword and 5 Hive Tyrants, all glued together with 3 Scout Sentinels.

Chaos–well, Nurgle at any rate–is also making a strong showing right now, featuring on two

2 Chaos
1 Heavy Nurgle list with loads of Plaguebears plus Heavy Soup detachment with Oblits, 4 Plagueburst Crawlers, Letter Bomb, Epidemus and finally a Nurgle Tree Detachment
1 Nick Nanavati with his posted Cultists plus Pox Walker Farm list – Abbie, Bodies, Daemon Princes go go go
1 Dark Angel
Dark Talons X 8, Dark Shroud, Talon Master, Sammie, and some Assassins
1 Custodes and Friends
Geoff bringing some golden boys to the event – 3 Captains, 3 units of 3 Guard (wait there is more then just captains from Custodes), CP AM battery, AM Psyker, and 3 Assassins

Top 4 Table Matchups

Nick Rose vs Geoff Robinson – Codex: Hive Tyrant (painted by yours truly) vs Custodes with am cp battery pack – advantage towards Nick as massed smites, deep striking Tyrants, and damage potential is too much for Custodes to win – Nick Rose won which is what I predicated based on the Match.

Nick Nanavati vs Chris Blackham – Pox Walker farm and chaos vs codex: Hive Tyrant glued together with some guard via GSC scout sentinels. I expect Nick Nanavati to win just due to board control with tons of objective secured bodies. Nick Nanavati won this one like I expected.


Steve Pampreen vs Jason Sparks. Tons of Nurgle chaos goodness vs Dark Talon spam. The ability to have double saves or at least a save with a huge horde army is going to be an issue for the Dark Angels. Looks like I was right as Steve won this one.

Brad Chester vs Matt Root – Last event Eldar list vs codex Hive Tyrant. The Hive Tyrant army was built to take out Eldar and I expect it to do as much. Looks like I was right and the king of the killer unicorns was taken out by the Doc 40k.Matt Root’s Nids win.

Next rounds haven’t been posted yet but we could see a tyrant vs tyrant match up. I’m guessing nick navatti will be fighting for a 6th championship – hopefully vs my good buddy Nick Rose. I would love to see an army I painted win Adepticon.

Final 4 Matchups

Headed into the final 4 the lists are:

Tyranids (Nick Rose) VS Tyranids (Matt Root)

Pox Walker Farm (Nick Nanavati) VS Nurgle Daemons (Steve Pampreen)



Both Tyranid lists are identical:

~Ladies and gentlemen- place your bets!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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