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AoS: Dread Solstice Gets Timey-Whimey

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Mar 15 2018

Apparently, we’ve crossed the streams…The TIME Streams! Check out the next batch of rules for Dread Solstice!

Turns out Skull won last week’s option. No shock there. But this week kicks off with Chapter 3 in the Dread Solstice Global Campaign and it’s called the “Hour of the Damned” for good reason. Let’s recap the last chapters options to see how we ended up here.

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Chapter 2 Recap

Chapter 2 started off with a Mysterious Red Mists. This was driving folks mad with strength and rage. The options were as follows:

Skull, having won the previous few weeks was finally dethroned by the Drake option. Who knew that going into the Red Mists would whip-up Khorne’s furor and favor…so much so that he sent his Champion, Korghos Khul, with the Orb Infernia to Aqushy to rile-up the fight. And also to collect Skulls. This led the players the follow-up week and their options:


As we wrote up previously, there was only one real option here. Skull was chosen (yet again) and the Red Mists were channeled in the Infinity Gears. So what happened with that decision? Well a super-weapon was born: The Chronomantic Cannon!

Chapter 3 – The Dilemma

So what happened? Well the weapon was fired at the Orb Inferina and it blasted Khul and his forces – unfortunately it didn’t quite take them out the way we were all hoping. However it did have some interesting side effects:

By targeting the Orb Infernia, you’ve undone Korghos Khul’s victories and reset it to an earlier point in its history – where the Seraphon who defended it still lived and the balance between the powers of Chaos prevented anyone from taking full control.

That’s right – the Chronomantic Cannon is a time-gun that blasted Khul back to an earlier point in his history. Now, we’re not going to get into all the time paradoxes and how that all works. Instead we’re just going to focus on what that means for the Campaign.

The Rules


Chronomantic Magic has been unleashed on the realm. Now your wizards have access to two more spells – one that will cause mortal wounds and another that can heal. Temporal Healing seems a little bonkers as it heals ALL WOUNDS allocated to that specific model. If one of your big beasties is about to die, on a 6+ *POOF* all their wounds are back. Seems pretty strong to me!

Remember, these are also cumulative with all the previous rules too…

The Options

While you may have managed to stop the threat to the Realm of Fire, there will be consequences. For one, the Orb Infernia still stands, and for another, there’s a massive time-destroying superweapon now active in Aqshy – Sigmar knows what happens should it fall into the hands of the enemy…

And that’s not all – The Black Void is coming. Remember that whole “time paradox” thing…well it’s basically manifested in “an all-consuming nothingness from between the realms that feasts on stolen hours.” Or, you know, the Nothingness from The Neverending Story. Anyhow, here are your options:

Things are already off to a quick start, too. It appears that the Eye option is FINALLY in the running for something:

But it is the first day and this week’s campaign has JUST started. So we’ve got an entire week’s worth of results to pile in. What is it going to be this week…



Time-cannons? Black Voids? Stolen time? Things are getting weird in the Realm of Fire. But hey, at least the Seraphon  are back on the Orb and fighting…

Author: Adam Harrison
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