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AoS: Malign Portents Week 3 Ends, The Wrath Pours On

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Mar 8 2018
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Dread Solstices Week 3 has ended and The Drake Option won – So what does that mean for the rest of us?

Last week, players had the dilemma of what to do about the Red Mists that were invading the land and breeding havoc:

via Games Workshop


Week 3 Narrative

The Player options were pretty straight forward – but one option was so straight forward that players chose it which meant they opted to charge straight in to the mists!

With the Drake Option selected, players embraced the storm of wrath and drank-deep of it’s red mists. On the plus side, all the warriors are infused with some new killy-magic strength:


But there is a down side – it seems all this killing has (shockingly) attracted the attention of none other than Khorne himself! This has unlocked a “reward” from the chaos god of slaughter and war – He has called down the Orb Infernia! The Orb is a giant, hollowed out world that is ALSO the floating fortress of Korghos Khul, leader of the Goretide! Apparently, he likes to party and he’s coming down to get in on the red mist action.

In game terms, what this means is that players have also Unlocked one of those fancy artifacts – and this one is for Chaos!

So now the Darkoath Warqueen will have access to this artefact in all the games now. Hey, 2 more attacks is pretty solid! So what’s the next step? Have a look at your options for this week:

And in case you’re wondering, Skull is already out to a BIG lead:


Week 4 is started – will you battle the Blood-Rain? Will you find a cure? Or will you help construct a super weapon to battle the Orb Infernia?

You can check out this week’s rules HERE. And you can read the continuing story HERE. Remember – all the rules from the previous weeks are STILL in effect.

It’s blood and fire; ash and flame – What option will you chose this week?

Author: Adam Harrison
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