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FFG: The Minds Behind L5R – A Developer Interview

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Mar 17 2018
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Fantasy Flight Games has a new interview up from Designers Brad Andres and Tyler Parrott and it’s worth a read!

When it comes to reading about behind-the-scenes of game design I am very interested. Recently, FFG posted a new interview with two of the Legend of the Five Rings Game Designers and it’s a great look at what’s going on in the heads of the guys who make the game. Here is excerpt I found particularly interesting:

via Fantasy Flight Games

On bringing something unique to the process:

Tyler Parrott: Brad tends to be very good at coming up with the general direction or theme of a set, and I’m good at coming up with specific cards, refining them, and making sure the rules work. I’m also good at the big picture, but Brad has a tendency to suggest things that seem ridiculous until you figure out how to make it work, and I feel like I’m more in the box. He’s teaching me to carry the game forward with a fresh view to the LCG’s take on the world of Rokugan.

Brad Andres: It’s very much a partnership. Tyler is the main creative workhorse and primarily does the heavy lifting. I’m more of the overarching teacher, trying to teach Tyler about how we set up this game, and he is doing a fantastic job. Tyler brings new opinions and a new perspective that has been really valuable in thinking about the game in new ways. It’s been incredibly fun to work with him!

It really does sound like these two compliment each-other’s styles very well. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off of when designing things and it’s even better when they can think about things differently than you do. Getting that type of feedback is valuable and helpful.


The interview goes over a lot of great questions that fans of L5R will be interested in learning – but more importantly, anyone interested in Game Design or the process behind the game can learn a thing or two from this interview. If you’re interested in creating your own game one day you should give the full article a read HERE.

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Get out there and chase the sun (in game design)!

Author: Adam Harrison
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