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FW: Legio Custodes Spearhead Now Available

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Mar 9 2018

It’s your one stop bundle for the latest Legio Custodes Models from Forge World.

No new releases from Forge World this week, but last week’s Pre-Orders are now available for actual purchase and a bundle is available for your rapid-deployment needs.

via Forge World


Legio Custodes Spearhead £130

Assemble a mighty Legio Custodes infantry force with this bundle, armed with powerful upgrades and led by a Shield Captain. Included:

– 2 sets of 5 plastic Adeptus Custodes Custodian Guard;
– 2 sets of resin upgrades: 5 adrasite spears and 5 pyrithite spears, both formidable upgrades to the guardian spears carried by the Legio Custodes;
– A Legio Custodes Shield Captain in splendid ornate power armour, wielding his own impressively enormous guardian spear.

Alternatively, here are last week’s pre-orders if you would prefer to order the Custodes individually:

Legio Custodes Shield Captain £30


Legio Custodes Pyrithite Spears £15

Legio Custodes Adrasite Spears £15

Custodian Guard with Pyrithite Spears £50

Custodian Guard with Adrastite Spears £50


Those spears look pretty brutal!


Author: Adam Harrison
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