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MaxMini: Inquisitor Amelia Blackbourne, Reporting In

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Mar 3 2018

Inquisitor Amelia Blackbourne. The relentless and deadly agent of humanity, the emperor’s brightest flame.


via Maxmini

Inquisitor Amelia Blackbourne – 6.99€

Amelia’s model was sculpted by Justyna – MaxMini’s newest team member! This is the first project she worked on from the very beggining, including conept sketch.

To save and protect.
To set straight that which is twisted.
To purge the unclean.
To punish the sinner.
To judge the heretic.

She does it all, and she does it gladly.
The relentless and deadly agent of humanity, the Emperor’s brightest flame.


Hope you’ll enjoy this mini as much as we do!

Nobody expects any kind of inquisition, which makes it difficult for them to actually prove that they’re there for business. ‘What do you mean you’re here today–we weren’t expecting you?’

Author: J.R. Zambrano
  • Outside the Box - March 2nd