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RPG: The Post-Apocalypse Comes to 5E

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Mar 26 2018
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Explore a blasted, apocalyptic world with 5th Edition streamlining in: Hellscapes.

Just a short one for you today folks, Mad Max comes to D&D by way of Hellscapes, a post-apocalyptic setting for 5th Edition. This is the same engine/world template that powers hyperlanes, so you can expect to be up against the dangers of the world and the people within it soon enough. That plus reskinned and repurposed classes should let you step into a whole new world, at least for a campaign.

via Scrivened, LLC


Living is hard, now that society has fallen. We used to complain that our lives were boring. These days, every moment is a struggle. Every meal is earned. Every breath is precious. Dangers roam the landscape, both human and worse. Few survive, and numbers dwindle. Those who manage to live long are legend, hardened heroes or monstrous villains. You are among them.

Your canteen, your weapon, your food: these are the most precious treasures in the world. But once you reach our level you might start wanting more, the whispered wonders yet to be uncovered. Secrets of old ready to come back into the harsh light of this fallen world.

Will you plumb those depths and scour the wastelands for what we’ve lost? Will you band together with fellow survivors, watching each other’s backs in the treacherous night? Will you lend a blistered hand to rebuilding society in this hell of a world? Or will you break what is left of it, and remake it anew?

HELLSCAPES is the beaten and battered manual you need to run post-apocalyptic survival games. We’ve scavenged the noble bones of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, reworking its lightweight materials into twisted mechanics to serve our needs. We bastardize classes into those that suit the wastes, allowing for new and dangerous heroes to arise. We’ve repurposed the raw materials of Feats and Backgrounds to reflect the storylines of hardened scavengers. We recast Races into Origins, allowing you to customize tribes, mutations, and robotic enhancements to suit the hellish campaign settings you choose.


Need a game where society collapses as the dead rise to consume the living? Want to see how you’d fare against the unblinking gaze of robotic overlords? Hope to lead the uprising of a human resistance against alien conquerors? We’ve got the system for you.

HELLSCAPES includes all the post-apocalyptic baddies your DM needs to tear you limb from limb, leaving more food for those who remain. Just kidding, we’re sure you’ll make it tough guy.

Careful rolling characters…we don’t need another heeeero

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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