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Star Wars Legion: Han Shot First

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Mar 30 2018

Star Wars Legion is adding two new units to the Rebel roster, Han Solo and the Rebel Commandos. Let’s take a look at the Alliance’s latest commander.

These new Rebel are poised to shake up the game and added new depth to the Rebel tactics. Lets take at look at what Han has to offer as a commander for the Rebels.

I’m Han Solo, Solo

In Star Wars Legion Han Brings a lot to the table. He seems to be taking on a more mid range combat role for the Rebels. Whereas Luke is a combat monster, and Leia tends more to support, Han walks a middle ground. While he brings some support elements with him, he’s much more in his zone moving around alone and picking off enemies. Between boosting his own cover, getting re-rolls on defense and ignoring enemy cover, hes great for operating in difficult environments. While he doesn’t get a ton of attack dice, he can shoot twice each turn, and between Sharpshooter and Pierce he’s most likely going to kill something each shot.

Points wise he falls between Luke and Leia as well, making him a good fit for a cheaper combat character. Despite only having a white defense dice hes also fairly tanky. Low Profile and Uncanny Luck give him a surprising resistance to attacks. Still, he can still be taken out by concentrated fire, so be careful. Han seems like he will do best living at the edge of the fight, sneaking around and finishing off damaged units.

Pure Sabacc


In addition to his combat prowess Han, like all commanders, gives the player access to his unique command cards.  Among these is “Sorry About the Mess”. This card is the classic Han shot first card. With an unheard of zero pips it’s guaranteed to let you go first (unless the other player also has Han). This card not only lets you act first, but also gives Han a pretty nice buff, effectively two free actions,  making him even more potent on his turn. It’s also important to remember that just because you’ve given Han an order, doesn’t mean you have to activate him first. You can always chose to pick from your order pool.


Han’s other card (that we know about) is Reckless Diversion. This two pip card allows you to give an order to Han and 1 Trooper unit. In addition when enemy units attack this turn they must, if able to, attack your units with face up orders. This can be a great way to force your enemy to attack your tanky units, such as Han in cover. While this tactic is risky it can certainly be useful. Being able to draw enemy fire is always good when you need to save an injured unit or protect an objective.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

We still don’t know what Hans 3rd command card does, or all his upgrade cards, but he looks to be bringing some real power to the Rebel forces. I’ll admit he seems a little lonely without Chewie (hopefully he didn’t get hit by a moon) but I’m sure that will be fixed soon. Han is a hero that will take some skill and luck to use, as is befitting a rouge, but used right he should give some big rewards. Just remember not to get to cocky.

Let us know how you plan to use Han in your games of Star War Legion down in the comments! 


Author: Abe Apfel
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