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40K: The FAQtory Is Open

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Apr 16 2018

Now that the FAQts are in, let’s take a look at some of the big changes to the game in black and white. This covers all the changes mentioned in the livestream earlier today–here they are, clarified like butter, for your enjoyment.

That’s right, the GW FAQtory is open and churning out rules changes now–we saw a few of them mentioned on their livestream earlier today, here they are with an in-depth look at what exactly is in each of these changes. Let’s dive in!

Download FAQs Here (14 new files)

FAQ Changes announced so far…

Smite Nerf

Psychic focus is basically everything we saw before, with a few important distinctions. The warp charge value caps out at 11, so you’ll always be able to have a chance to cast it, and past a certain point, if it does go off you are getting the d6 Smite. Thousand Sons and Grey Knights are exempt, so they’ll always be able to smite on a 5+, which is ultimately probably for the best.

More Command Points for battalions and brigades

The command points boost is going to help a lot of armies, especially since a lot of the newer Codexes are very Command Point starved.


Guilliman, Dark Reapers, and Hive Tyrants point increase

Guilliman: 400 Points

Dark Reapers: 12 points per model

Hive Tyrants: 190 (with wings)

Rule of Three


BETA RULES Proposed:

Feedback desired for possible inclusion in Chapter Approved:

Battle Forged Army Keywords: Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari, Tyranid Keywords cannot be used to make detachments. (Units like Sisters of Silence, Assasins, and some other excepted from this proposed rule). This is now the Battle Brothers rule:

First Turn Limitations: 50% of the army must be on the table (by points and power level).  Deepstrikers can only arrive in your deployment zone (they can arrive anywhere on the turn on turns 2+)

~Have at it!

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