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FW: Lernaean Terminators Inbound For Alpha Legion

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Apr 16 2018

Forge World has a new batch of miniatures coming for the Alpha Legion and they are ready to smash into the enemies lines with brutal efficiency.

With the impending release of their Primarch Alpharius, Forge World is all aboard the Alpha Legion Train with their next batch of miniatures.

via Warhammer Community

“Lernaean Terminators are the elite of the Alpha Legion; while the Headhunter Kill Teams assassinate enemy command elements at range, their Terminator-armoured brethren shatter enemy lines in brutal close-assaults. Armed with power axes, they’re ideal for carving through other armoured units, while their Volkite Chargers make them effective against massed infantry too!”

If you’re looking for a solid ‘bodyguard’ unit for Alpharius or if you’re just wanting a swiss-army knife unit that hits like a brick then the Lernaean Terminators are worthy unit to consider. It’s also one of the rare units that will have access to a Terminator-mounted conversion beamer! That is just one more reason to give this new unit a go.

More Doors

The Alpha Legion is also getting more doors to accessorize their rides. Now you can load-up all your transports with the Heraldry of the Hydra!



The Lernaean Terminators and Alpha Legion Doors are coming soon from Forge World – they will be here before you know it!

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