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40K: ‘Astartes’ Is The New Soup Of The Day

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Apr 23

The FAQ hobbled those Soup Lists, right? Well…not exactly. Heretic and Adeptus Astartes are still more than able to party-down in the same detachment. Here are Five “Soupy Combos” that are still totally legal.

Mortarion + Magnus + Lord of Skulls

Thanks to all of them being “Heretic Astartes” they can still hang out in the same Detachment. Is this a good idea? That’s not the point – It’s that you CAN do it, not IF you can do it!

9 Daemon Princes of Chaos

Okay – well you can’t ACTUALLY have 9 in the same detachment because there isn’t a Detachment with 9 HQs…but you can take a BUCKETLOAD of Daemon Princes. Daemon Princes of Tzeentch, Nurgle, and the generic “Daemon Prince” from Chaos all use 3 different datasheets AND have “Heretic Astartes” as a keyword. As a bonus, you could also have 3 more Daemon Princes of Chaos from the Chaos Daemon book – they just don’t have “Heretic Astartes” as a keyword. Take that ‘Rule of Three!’

Chapter Master Party

Guilliman and ALL the Chapter Masters can hang out thanks to “Adeptus Astartes” as their Keyword. That’s Draigo from Grey Knights, Dante from Blood Angels, Watch Captain Artemis, Gabriel Seth from Flesh Tearers, and Azrael from Dark Angels. Thanks Supreme Command Detachment! Oh and there are other Chapter Masters (like Shrike), so mix to taste!

MOAR Chaos Lords!

Abaddon, Tyhpus, Ahriman, Kharn, Fabius Bile and your Choice of Primarch (Morty or Magnus) can all fit in the same detachment! Man, being a Heretic sure has it’s perks.


Mix-and-Match Aeldari

Wait – that’s not an Astartes combo! Yeah, it’s also not a single detachment either – but we’re making a point here. Let’s not forget that Battle Forge Armies can have multiple Detachments and those Battle Forged Armies can still use Faction Keywords as their ARMY Faction keyword. Confused yet? Well just remember you can take Craftworld + Drukhari + Ynnari Detachment in the same Battle Forged Army and it’s all perfectly legal. (Those units just can’t be in the same Detachments anymore.)


Soups Up! Have at it folks!

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