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40K BREAKING: FAQ Changes!

Apr 16 2018


We’ve all been waiting for it and here it is. GO GO GO!

Download FAQs Here (14 new files)

FAQ Changes announced so far…

Multiple smite nerf is in, but Grey Knights and Thousand Sons are immune to it.

More Command Points for battalions and brigades

Guilliman point increase

Dark Reapers point increase

Hive Tyrants point increase

Rule of Three – Can only use the same datasheet three times in tournament play (except for troops and transports). This was designed as a suggestion to tournaments specifically but could be applied to Match Play as well.


BETA RULES Proposed:

Feedback desired for possible inclusion in Chapter Approved:

Battle Forged Army Keywords: Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari, Tyranid Keywords cannot be used to make detachments. (Units like Sisters of Silence, Assasins, and some other excepted from this proposed rule).

First Turn Limitations: 50% of the army must be on the table (by points and power level).  Deepstrikers can only arrive in your deployment zone (they can arrive anywhere on the turn on turns 2+)

~Have at it!




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