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40K Grognard: Drunk on Your Salty Tears of FAQ Woe

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Apr 24

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to stuff your ear holes with nuggets of words from my brain pan.

It’s been a very busy week. With the the release of the Big FAQ by Games Workshop, the internet as been a buzz with the chatter of different opinions  and attitudes. As we all know, the internet is full of the most level headed people you can imagine.  Haha, no, seriously, this week has been one of the most enjoyable I have had on Facebook. Watching everyone flailing about, trying to do the mental gymnastics to make their now obsolete army, or tactics, work has been very amusing. From the start I thought to myself, “What did you expect?”

Seems somehow appropriate.


For the most part, we all knew what was coming.  In fact, many people were anxious for this latest course correction of the game. Like the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for”. As a result, there has been a large increase in the salt level of a large number of the player base, and I don’t mean the Tau players.  But to be fair, let’s go over the big one.


I just commissioned 7 flyrants…

Beta Reserve Rule: This has caused the biggest disruption, with many players declaring that they are quitting the game or selling off their army to build a new one. The most fun I have had is reading the mental and semantic gymnastics to both prove and disprove the exception to the new beta rules. From the lamentations of Blood Angel and Grey Knight players, to the RAW reading by tournament organizers and judges (myself included), it has been a entertaining to say the least.

Games Workshop has a history of  making the pendulum swing when they make corrections to the game. Anyone who has been playing the game for the last year or two should realize this. As for having to wait an extra turn in order to deep strike out of your deployment zone, it really isn’t a big deal. As mentioned by other people, you’ll now have to invest into more durable units that can survive a turn or two of shooting before your heavy hitters drop in. If only there was an edition where we had to wait until turn 2 before our reserves could come in. Then we would have the experience from playing such games to be able to more easily adapt to this radical change to the game. If only…


Look, I get it. You spent all this time and money on getting the models and developing a strategy in order for you to have fun and win games. The hard truth is that this is what happens when you see these extreme armies at different events. You really should have seen the writing on the wall when they decided to fix flyers after they won a grand tournament shortly after the release of 8th edition. I admit that I don’t agree with all of the changes, so the best advice I can give is to just roll with the changes and enjoy the game.

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed the read. I’m sure all of you will be back on your feet after drowning in your tears.

~Let me know how you’re coping with the changes and let me know if there is anything you want me to cover.



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