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40K Rumor: Space Marine Adventures Gets A Release Window

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Apr 24

The new board game revealed by Games Workshop at the New York Toy Fair has a rumored release date. Are you ready to go delving into the Labyrinth of the Necrons?

Back in February we reported on the new Space Marine Adventures Game coming out of the New York Toy Fair.

Well now we’ve got some new rumors about when we can expect the release date:

Rumor Alert – take them with a grain, not the bottle.

via battle captain corpus (B&C)

Arriving towards Autumn/Fall GW will be releasing a new 40K board game.

Set on a Necron tomb world it will be set as a 1-4 player co-op game, pitting your marines against the games emerging Necrons.

Here’s the real kicker…the marines will be from the previously Japan only releases….


Expect custom dice, players creating a pool of dice including any negatives etc then going from their for game play mechanic.

The big takeaway from this post is that we should be looking at an Autumn/Fall release date. Keen-eyed readers pointed out months ago that all of the Space Marines were from the previous Japanese exclusive Space Marine Heroes:

Personally, I’m just looking forward to seeing how this new board game works. Surely, there is more to the board than that one tiny tile, right? I mean, we can all kind of see how this is going to work – probably similar to Lost Patrol. The Marines start on one tile and are looking for their objective or the exit. The Necrons spawn in and it’s a quick-playing run-and-gun style game. Then again, maybe it’s 40k Heroquest, which would be kind of awesome in it’s own right – but based on the play time I don’t think it will be.

Space Marine Adventures – Totally Not Deathwatch!


More ‘unique’ Marine Sculpts and (probably cheaper) Necrons? What’s not to like!?


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