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40K Rumors: Chaos Gets Its Due

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Apr 11 2018

There’s more rumors incoming on what the Ruinous Powers are up to in the months ahead.

Boy the rumor-mill has been running overtime these last few weeks.  After a long hiatus, we have been hearing multiple reports of the Orks coming in Summer, and Adeptus Titanicus in the Fall. Several months back we had talk of Fulgrim and the Emperor’s Children getting love as GW shifts it’s gaze onto Slaanesh towards the end of the year.

But today we have word of another fall release.

Industry insiders report:

“Look for the return of Abaddon and his entourage this year on the heels of the Orks.”


First off, the big question is what are we talking about here?

Codex Chaos Space Marines is already out and Abaddon is most certainly in it.

please replace me…please

That said, remember that there have been reports that once the codexes are complete, GW would shift into Narrative Publications, like we saw with Rise of the Primarch.  I could see GW moving the 8th edition storyline forward with a narrative set of books centered around Abaddon and his machinations.  He’s the perfect foil for Guilliman and desperately needs a new miniature.  I have a funny feeling that GW will look to recapture lighting in a bottle a second time with new “triumvirate sets” of 3 named characters – exactly as we saw with Rise of the Primarch. A set with a newly up-powered Abaddon and 2 of his lackeys would fly off shelves.


Like this – but bad guys (jury is still out on Cypher)

A second concept is a new dedicated Codex Black Legion – again centered around a new Abaddon mini. We’ve already had a Black Legion codex in the past, so it would be trivial for GW to update it for 8th and throw in some updated fluff.

In any case, I’m interested.  40K needs great villains and Abaddon is one of the greats. Here’s a recent piece of artwork to get you excited about what a new mini could look like.

~ How do you think GW should handle a new and improved Abaddon – and how powerful should he be??



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