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AoS: Idoneth Deepkin – Isharann Hero Rules

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Apr 28 2018

Games Workshop’s latest wave of Idoneth Deepkin releases is up for Pre-order this weekend and that means we’re getting a look at what these Heroes bring to the table. It’s time to swim through the Isharann Rules!

When we got our hands on the Idoneth Deepkin Battletome, we did a deep dive through all their rules.

Now that the models are out Games Workshop has released all their rules for free – so let’s take a look under the sea!

via Games Workshop

Isharann Soulrender


Download full rules HERE


The Isharann Souldrender is a decent combat hero with 2 attacks that each do 2 damage. It also hits and wounds 3+ with a -1 Rend. That’s not too shabby! The Rakerdart can also get lucky with its D3 attacks as well for the potential to really take out other Heroes with similar wound stats. But where this character really shines is it’s Lurelight ability.

At the end of your battleshock phase this unit can bring back D3 Namarti models to a unit fully within 12″. You can add +1 to the result for each enemy model that was slain by the Talunhook as well for the potential to bring back up to 5 models! There is also a battalion that allows you to auto get a 3 for the roll as well.

To top it off, this Hero can also cause an enemy hero to be subjected to re-rolls to hit for the Talunhook. That’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. The Soulrender is really great as a support to your Namarti units (looking at you Thralls). Keep them up and in the fight so they return lost models to the unit and keep them fighting strong!

Isharann Tidecaster

Download full rules HERE

Another solid hero choice the Tidecaster is tougher than first looks. Spirit Guardians negates the first wound allocated to this model each turn. That’s a free “save” – nothing wrong with that. Which is going to be helpful because this unit is not exactly a monster in combat – although 2 attacks that each do D3 damage is nothing to sneeze at!


The Wide Ethersea is pretty interesting but only works if this is your army’s general. It reverses the Tides of Death table so you start with the Ebb Tide, then High Tide, then Flood Tide, and finally Low Tide. After the 4th round, you keep repeating the tides in the reverse order. This could be useful if you’re building/playing an army that can generate combat on the second turn. There are also a few other abilities that trigger on High Tide so if you want it to happen sooner this General could be the one for you.

Riptide is this unit’s magical ability. Not only does this cause D3 mortal wounds at the start of your NEXT hero phase, it also causes the target unit to subtract 1 from their hit rolls for the duration. That’s a pretty solid ability – it’s a good mix of damage and utility. I can see this being used on characters and battleline units alike.

Isharann Soulscryers

Download full rules HERE

Another hero option with 5 wounds, a move 6″, a 6+ save and 7 bravery. What’s crazy is the amount of attacks this unit generates. 8(!) shots at 18″ from a single model is just funny. Sure, they only hit and wound on 5+ but whatever. The Soulscryer also has an okay melee attack with 3 swings. But you’re probably not taking this model for it’s prowess in combat.

Finder of Ways allows this model and up to 2 units to “outflank” which is the real reason you want to run this Hero. Showing up on a table edge with this unit and 2 others could really throw a wrench in your opponent’s plans. It’s a surprise attack that could turn the tide – depending on what you keep in your back pocket.

Seeker of Souls is another good ability. It grants an extra 3″ to charge rolls that target an enemy unit within 24″ of this model. Suddenly a 12″ charge only becomes much more likely! And all those mid-range charges basically become auto-successes. If you pull this off on the Flood Tide round you could run and charge with a 3+ bonus – that could be quite a lot of distance to cover in a single round!



All these units are out for Pre-Order this weekend.


The Idoneth Deepkin are a force of nature that cannot be ignored! Which Hero is your favorite and why?

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