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AoS: The Dead Return In ‘Descent’

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Apr 07

Games Workshop is bringing the Idoneth Deepkin into the Mortal Realms and to go along with their arrival, we’re getting a tease as to what has stirred them to action after being hidden for so long.

The Idoneth Deepkin are a pretty big mystery. We know a few of the units and some of what they can do – but for the most part, they are a blank slate. But GW is pulling back the curtain little-by-little to show us some of their culture and motivation. In the most recent Malign Portents story, Descent, we get a chance to swim with the Idoneth.

Our story starts with Marrathul of Mor’phann, a Fangmora rider, who is on a patrol. Apparently, these patrols function somewhat like garbage collectors and protect their settlements from sinking debris from above. While they are a first warning system against possible attacks, for the most part, these patrols swim through the sea and don’t see too much action – the Deepkin have been hidden for ages after-all.

Fangmora Rider

Most of the time they sense the falling debris from above and use grappling hooks to guide the refuse to the “Great Taker” – which is a powerful current that drags the objects away from their settlements. It’s strong enough that it things that get cause in the pull tend to travel off into the inky abyss and things never return.

Today, however, the object descending from above is a vast draconic cadaver. It’s been picked-clean of it’s flesh by the scavangers that are at the top of ocean waters. But the bones are heavy still and are pulling it downward. Naturally, the Patrol can’t have this carcass drop onto it’s settlement below, so they get together and hook-on to haul it off to the Great Taker courtesy of one of the Leviadon.

Leviadon, aka Death Turtle!

The Leviadon is able to guide the beast’s bones to the Great Taker, but as they get set to release the ropes…well, let’s just say things don’t go according to plan. Read the rest of the story HERE.


I think this is a great insight into how the world below the waves works. I want to learn more about the Idoneth Deepkin and I want to know why they have decided to remain beneath the waves, undetected, for so long. What happened when Teclis brought the back from the belly of Slaanesh and why did they leave? And just how BIG are these settlements? So many questions!


Are you curious about what these Malign Portents mean for the Deepkin? And how will their arrival impact the AoS setting?

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