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Geekery: ‘Infinity War’ Spoiler Filled Open Thread

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Apr 30 2018


Talk about the movie – what you liked, what you hated, how this affects the MCU – here. There will be lots of spoilers, so keep scrolling if you care.

Last Warning


I saw it opening night, and am planning on seeing it again when the hype dies down. The audience I was with laughed and reacted pretty loudly, so I missed dialog.

In short: it was really good. Will start this off with some not quite spoilery things on my list…

  • Dropping right into the story with no exposition was the right choice
  • They managed a bunch of story lines well – it could have been a total cluster, but it made sense
  • Still the best Peter Parker ever
  • You can tell where they spent their CG money, and where they didn’t – and it wasn’t on Banner’s head in the Hulkbuster
  • The personality clashes were handled ok, but detracted from the story a bit
  • The internal Hulk/Banner struggle added nice depth to the character
  • The battle scenes were scaled properly – the airport fight in Civil was a big let down for me because it was dinky
  • Yes – I get why so many people hated the ending, but it’s such a comic book ending it should surprise no one

What are your thoughts, and how do you think Avengers 4 will wrap things up?

Author: Mars Garrett
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