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Necromunda: Gang War 3 Teasers

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Apr 26 2018

Games Workshop ran down some of the upcoming changes for Gang War 3 – other than the arrival of the Van Saar Gang. Come check out the new art and what you can expect in the new supplement!

First off, we all know that Gang War 3 will bring the Van Saars to the underhive. That’s been known for weeks now and we’re pretty stoked – especially for that clear-plastic(?) shield. The gang’s updated look is fantastic and we really want to get our hands on those models. But GW3 isn’t just bringing the Van Saar to the table.

New Concept Art Revealed

The newest Art is the “pet” that the Van Saar will be getting access to – the Cyberarchnid!

Creepy. But also it’s got similar “eyes” to the Van Saar helmets. It’s an interesting detail and I’m personally very curious as to what the heck the model will be made out of – resin or plastic. If it’s a Forge World special, then it will clearly be made out of resin.

We also got a look at this super creepy looking winged-baby daemon thing. I don’t really know what to call it but I know I would not want to meet it in a dark alley on the side streets of Necromunda.

Plus we get a new look at Scartooth – the Cyber Mastiff’s art work:


We got a look at his model earilier this week, too:

And speaking of new Miniatures – check out this new Bounty Hunter:

Games Workshop also went over a TON of other hints at previews as to what is coming in GW3. You can watch the full video on their Twitch Channel HERE. You must be a subscriber unfortunately.

Fortunately, one viewer took some good notes for everyone who wasn’t able to watch.


via Chopstick (dakkadakka)

Ok I’m trying to recite what happen. Probably not 100% accurate.

Pet : companion for Champion and Leader. Each person can have a pack of 3 I think.

1. Orlock Doggo : spotter for sentry duty, protect owner from coup d’ grace?
2. Mechanical Spider : no idea, they said it can attach all kind of fire arm.
3. Sumcroc : first ever model on 40mm base. Charge with leader to give 1 extra attack?
4. Cat : can split up from owner.

Neutral Pet : Vampire cherub thingy :you can look for one, grant extra dodge save against attack as long as your reputation on the rise, vice versa if your reputation go down it’s bad (no idea how bad)

2. Expand Trading post :

More shotgun ammo

Autogun ammo? Lasgun variation?

Many type of Armors


Personald Energy Shield that give inv save : conversion field, displacement field…? What?

New scenario, name are obviously incorrect, only the description

Introducing the Abitrator, a 3rd player control various NPC, monster in the campaign. kinda like a DM/

1. Don’t remember

.2 Into the pit : Fight inside a garbage compactor, the battlefield shrink over time. Kinda liike PUBG/Battle Royale game. Try to escape the pit.

3. Settlement fight: civilians on site,(use any models you like) controlled by the abitrator or random roll behavior. Trick the other team into killing more civilians than you to gain the trust of the local folks, and took over (i mean protect) the turf.

4.Caravan Raid, escort the payload. Andy suggest using Goliath truck as the caravan. So people can stand on top of it and have some cover.

5. Shootout : return of the classic scenario!

6.Spook(?) harvest, Discover lord Helmawr secret poppy field, harvest spook for FAT MUNIE. be careful because harvesting them can cause some unwanted effect, some good, somtime bad and your ganger can go insane.

7. Pitch black fight : can’t see ****, captain! Abitrator can control and drop in token to present a random monster lurking in the dark. Send someone to find out what monster it is? (probably a Juve)


8. Monster hunt. : Bounty for whoever can take out a mysterious monster. Small tentacle spawn each time a ganger is down. Took down as many tentacle as possible. The monster will spawn after enough tentacle is taken out. use any models you want.

Special multiplayer fight : for 10+ gang compaign, each gang send a champion to fight, special rule allow them to be more resilient than a normal game.

Van Saar are completely immune to the Rad weapon effect, which reduce toughness.

That’s a boat-load of additions to the game. Gang War 3 is already sounding like a better over-all book than GW2, but I could be biased because of those sweet looking Van Saar models/rules.

I’m also glad to see the scenarios get some expanded love. And the addition of an Arbitrator could be interesting.

Gang War 3 is coming soon!


What do you think of all these changes? Did you get to watch the video? What are you most excited about from the supplement?

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