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Outside the Box – April 27th

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Apr 27 2018

Hello again, and welcome to Outside teh Box. This weeks with news from Knight Models, Infinity, Raging Heroes, Fantasy Flight Games and many more!

Knight Models published a first preview of their upcoming Justice League Dark miniatures:
–> More Knight Models News

A new wave of Infinity miniatures is available:
–> More Infinity News

Raging Heroes released their Draakh Riders: –> More Raging Heroes News

New sets for Star Wars Legion (this time for real) and X-Wing are coming from Fantasy Flight Games:–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Perry Miniatures released new Napoleonic Portuguese:–> More Perry Miniatures News

A new Fantasy range is coming from Titan Forge:

North Star Military Figures offers two new Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago monster:–> More North Star Military Figures News

This new Wolfen Lord is now available from Wargame Exclusive:

–> More Wargame Exclusive News

Katerina, Prophetissa Bellum, is now available from Artel W Miniatures:
–> More Artel W Miniatures News

4Ground released new terrain:

–> More 4Ground News


A new Japanese tank is available from Warlord Games:–> More Warlord Games News

Puppetswar released their Stalkers:

–> More Puppetswar News

More Goblin scrap tanks are available from Kromlech:
–> More Kromlech News

And Rubicon Models presents new WW2 British:
–> More Rubicon Models News

And Kickstarters, so many Kickstarters!

Sergio Calvo – Hirelings of Asura
Scale 75 – Wolfe 1:35th Submarine Diorama
Medusa Miniatures – 3d Printable Tombstones
Deraj Studios – Fantastical Sub-Saharan Miniatures
AW Miniatures – Warrior Monks
Dog Might Games – Artifact Dice
Project Raygun – Court of the Dead
Fabio – 3d Printable Fantasy Scenery
The Command Zone – LIMITED Edition Game Knights Playmat
BoomBox Board Games – MegaMetroCity : Miniatures Beat’em Up Board Game
Ludus Magnus Studio – Black Rose Wars
Northumbrian Painting Service – Fantasy Football Sidelines staff
Windmaster Miniatures – Barbarian Warband
Snowmodel – Survivors
BattleMats – Battle Mat Book
Kazrak Studio – Saber & Blood
The WitchBorn Corporation – Sisters of Twilight
Dream Pod 9 – Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures
Mantic Games – Hellboy

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