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Review: Upgrade Your Game Table with ‘Desecration City’ Terrain

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Apr 13 2018


This new set from The XLC provides plenty of LOS blocking options in the form of sturdy, pre-printed MDF walls and buildings. If you want to build up your table fast, this is a fantastic option.

Everything in Desecration City is designed to be used with 28mm scale minis.

This set is tall…

With Desecration City you can easily build a fortress with LOS blocking walls, towers perfect for snipers, and catwalks for tense HQ vs HQ battles. Build a table that fits your narrative, or something that will provide extra challenging mission objectives. There are a lot of options.

The biggest improvement in this set vs other XLC sets I’ve built: the protective sheet is gone. You can dive right into assembling, no peeling is required. The high quality of the print isn’t affected by this change at all. The industrial patterns have a good amount of detail and are appropriate for multiple game systems.

We’ll have our full review set on Twitch Monday, so tune in to see what it looks like on the table. I’m going to focus on the Hex Building for this review.


The Hex Building is 7″ tall, 7″ wide at the top, and 12″ wide from arch to arch on the bottom. It comes with 4 options for the top deck – med-center, helipad, plain dirt, and weapons platform. The assembly is straightforward. I was able to seat the bottom hex by setting the top portion on it, flipping it and making a few adjustments. The XLC recommends attaching 3 walls to the top hex first then attaching the bottom hex, then adding the remaining walls.

Make sure you leave time for glue to dry between stages – if not it gets wobbly and you’ll end up having to go back a step to correct it. Patience while waiting for glue is key. It took me about 20 mins to build the tower with pauses for glue.

A couple of people could pick up some beer to share and build a full table’s worth of terrain on a Friday night, then play a game with it the following day after the glue sets. The pieces are very sturdy after proper assembly and will last many, many games.

*** The Kickstarter for ‘Desecration City’ is live now! ***

There are several pledge levels available so you can get just what your table needs.


– Set 1: Ruined Church, Plasma Generator, Storeroom, LOS walls x3
– Set 2: 4 Large Walls, 2 Lookout Towers

– Set 1: Church, 2 Towers, Admin Building
– Set 2: Bunker, 4 Walls, 2 Lookout Towers

– Set 1: Church, Ruined Church, Admin Building, Plasma Generator, Storeroom, LOS walls X3 sets, 2 Towers
– Set 2: Bunker, 4 Large walls, 2 Lookout Towers, 2 Gates, 1 Hex Building

Church, Ruined Church, Admin Building, Plasma Generator, Storeroom, LOS walls X3 sets, 2 Towers, 2 Lookout Towers, 2 Gates, 2 Large walls. Set 2: Bunker, 4 Large walls, 4 Lookout Towers, 2 Gates, 2 Hex Building, Plasma Generator, Storeroom.

Ruined Church, Church, Admin Building, 2 Towers, 4 Lookout Towers, 1 Bunker, LOS walls X3 sets, Storeroom, Plasma Generator, 2 Gates, 6 Large Walls, 2 Hex Buildings

£475 – 2 of the £250 bundle


This an easy way to get some great looking, sturdy terrain on your table. I highly recommend becoming a backer – this set is a great addition to any game night. Fantastic looking tables make for awesome games.

If you’re going to Salute this weekend, make sure to stop by TB04 to check out the set in person!


Post updated 4/14 to include live link to Kickstarter.

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