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STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Ultramar & the Twisted”

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Apr 24 2018

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector the Death Guard and Fabio Bile strike against the mighty Ultramarines.

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Welcome to the Enigmus Sector – the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

Download the Dark Apocrypha Campaign Minidex (pdf)

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The Enigmus Sector: The Ultramarines vs CSMs (watch LIVE NOW)


Chaos Marines

Battalion -Death Guard 
Typhus – 9 – Warlord
Chaos Lord – 5 – Supporating Plate

20x Poxwalkers -6

20x Poxwalkers -6
20x Poxwalkers -6
Predator – 9
Battalion -CSM – Emperors Children 
Fabio Bile – 6
Exalted Champion – 5
30x Chaos Cultists -9
10x Noise Marines – 11
10x Noise Marines – 11
4x Spawn -8
91 PL 9/9 PL

Captain In terminator Armour w/ Relic Blade-7 Captain Arnold Warlord Trait Adept of the Codex

Primaris Librarian – 7 -Librarian Anatolios

Primaris LT – 5 – Lt. Dan –


Primaris Ancient- 5-Ancient Nestor   -Relic- Standard of the Emperor Ascendant

5x Terminators – 12

10x Tactical Squad w/ Lascannon, meltagun – 9

10x Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher and flamer  – 9

10 x Intercessor 10x Bolt Rife, 2x Aux Grenade Launcher- 10

Rhino-2x strom bolters- 4

Rhino 2x storm bolters -4

5x Hellblasters w/ Assault Plasma Incnerators- 8

5x Hellblasters w/ Assault Plasma Incnerators- 8

Whirlwind- 5
93 PL 6/6 pl 



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