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STREAMING NOW: Jain-Zar faces Ghaz

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Apr 18

This week on Dark Apocrypha – A great WAAAGH faces the wrath of Biel-Tan Craftworld!

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Jain Zaar & the Beast (watch LIVE NOW)

A mighty WAAAGH rages across the Enigmus Sector and only Biel-Tan can stop it in the cradle. Jain Zar arrives with her acolytes to end the madness, but finds to her Jain that no mere warboss faces her. Ghazghkull is here!


Ghazghkull Thraka- 11


Big Mek in Mega Armour – 7

30x Boyz to Men – 13
30x Boyz to Men – 13

30x Boyz to Men – 13
Weirdboy- 4
Painboy- 4 
10x Flashgits -13
10x lootas- 12
Battlewagon- 11
101 PL 9/9 CPS
Craftworld Eldar
Ulthwe Battalion
Eldrad Ulthran – 8
Autarch Skyrunner- 6
20x Guardian Defenders w2/Sactter lasers  -9
5x Dire Avengers -3
5x Dire Avengers -3
10x Wraithguard- 21
Warithlord – 8
Beil-Tan Vanguard
Jain Zar- 7
10x Howling Banshees – 6
10x Howling Banshees – 6
10x Striking Scorpains – 7
Wave Serpent -9
Wave Serpent -9
102 PL 9/9 cp

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