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40K BREAKING: Rogue Trader Skirmish CONFIRMED!

2 Minute Read
May 10 2018


GO GO GO! Look at the official confirmation of a Rogue Trader game from GW and OH MY look at all these high res mini pics!

First of all, enjoy the video…

The Minis

Get a load of these!

The flies, the flies!!! (and the dog!)


Note the lack of a grid on the board…


  • It’s clearly a Rogue Trader and his retinue versus a bunch of Nurgle baddies.
  • It’s on a thin board with no obvious squares or hexes, but has  partitions and objects, similar to Necromunda
  • It is clearly naval themed, set in space.
  • The video says “Late 2018”

~DAMN I love the Nurgle fatty with all the belly mouths!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Codex Deathwatch: Eye Opening 40K Developments