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40K: Codex Deathwatch ‘Bolter’ Weapon List & Table of Contents

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May 4 2018

Did someone call the Xenos Exterminators? Must have because Codex: Deathwatch has invaded our studio! We’ve got some confirmation about what’s in the codex and if those Aggressors are going to have access to Special Issue Ammo – come and see!

Table of Contents:

First off it’s confirmed – all those Primaris Marines are officially in the book. There if there were Primaris unit, then you’ve got Deathwatch versions, too!

Special Issue Ammo Access

Well there you have it – those are all the weapons that will be able to fire Special Issue Ammo. Note: you still have to have the Special Issue Ammo rule so vehicles who might have a Storm Bolter upgrade can’t fire Special Issue Ammo (because they don’t have the ability). And based on the list the Bolter tech of the Aggressors and Inceptors don’t have access to any of the ammo…And speaking of the Ammo:

It’s probably good that Kraken Bolts and Vengeance Rounds do have that maximum AP value listed. That’s going to make the biggest impact on choosing which option to use with your Stalker Bolt Rifle. Kraken Rounds are still AP -2, but you’ll get to shoot out to 42″ which should be plenty of range.

Are you ready for the Deathwatch? We’ll be checking them out all next week!


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