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40K RUMORS: The Mightiest Greenskin Stirs

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May 4 2018


There has been an uptick of Orks rumors for 8th edition of late.  Here’s the latest on what the Greenskins are up to in the month ahead.

Previously Industry rumormongers say to look for the following:

  • Look for the Orks to return about a year after 8th Edition arrived.
  • The Orks will return to the game in a major way with a large release.
  • There will be advancing storylines putting the Orks in the post great rift Imperium in a big way.
  • Multiple new kits are coming.
  • Many existing units will be changed substantially from their current rules.

The New Stuff

The latest round of rumors center on a specific new plastic kit:

  • The Orks will receive a new walker kit.
  • The kit has multiple build options.
  • One of those options is an all new Ghaz.
  • Look for Orks hot on the heels of Imperial Knights


First off, 8th Edition launched in early June 2017, so we are talking about next month.


Note how that new rumor ties into the following pieces of the puzzle that have been floating around:


Hmm, maybe a conversion, or maybe exactly the kit described above…

Next up is the realization that the Orks really only need 2 kits redone in plastic:

  • A new buggy with all the weapon and build options. I think we can agree the 21 year old Gorkamorka model has earned it’s retirement.
  • A kopta.

Heck I say that GW shold just take the plastic 5-part Black Reach ones and stick them on a single sprue, and sell them as “Easy to Build” kits. DONE! There is something in that blurry pic behind the walker that looks an awful lot like the Black Reach kopta blades.  Hmm…

~ Have at it, and as always…  WAAAAAAGH!



Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Wrath & Glory "The Box Of Sorrows"