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40K: Harlequin Tricks & Tricks – You Can Do What Now?

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May 21 2018

Do Reaver Titan’s have you down? Send in the clowns. You won’t believe what these guys can do.

The Harlequin Codex is coming to stores near you this weekend but we’ve got our advanced copy on hand and we’ve found some pretty bonkers things these clowns can do.

Dumb Trick #1 – Super Charge Solitare

Is your opponent hiding on the other diagonal of a 4′ x 6′ board? Well that won’t save them from the charge of the Solitaire! We’ve been crunching the numbers and if you do it right the Solitaire can move to just about anywhere on the table.

Step 1:

Base move: 12″
Blitz: +2D6″ to your movement stat
Advance: +1D6″
Twilight Pathways – Unit can immediately move as if it were its movement phase (requires a Pskyer to be within 3″)

Right now, we’re at a MAXIMUM of 60″ right there. But wait, there’s more

Step 2:


Charge 2D6″
Pile-In 3″ (if for some reason you completed the charge and the unit you charged died before the Solitaire activated)
6″ Consolidation (Masque Form – Midnight Sorrow: The Art of Death)
Stratagem: War Dancers (Fight Again – so Pile-in and Consolidate)

If you roll perfectly, that’s 12″+18″ for another 30″ of movement. Again, these are theoretical maximums. Will this happen regularly? Probably not…but it’s still possible.

Total Movement: 90″


Dumb Trick #2 – Crescendo of Death

The Crescendo does D6 shots and each shot does 2 damage. If you combine that with “An Example Made” which is a stratagem that turns all hits into double (or 6+ into 3 hits) then you have yourself a bullet storm. Again, rolling maximum:

6 shots, each generating 3 hits = 18 hits


That’s potentially 36 Damage. Assuming your opponent can’t make a save, you could kill an Imperial Knight with that thing! In fact, a Warhound Titan only has 35 wounds… Just sayin.

Dumb Trick #3 – Haywire Potential

The Humble Haywire Cannon is an assault D6 weapon. Vs a vehicle it can cause an additional 1 mortal wound for wound rolls of 4+, but if you roll a 6+ to wound, it’s an additional D3 Mortal wounds. Again, if you rolled nothing but 6s and your opponent failed their armor rolls:

6 Wounds from the regular Wound rolls
+ 6D3 from additional Mortal Wounds.
= 24 wounds on a vehicle!

That’s Imperial Knight Killing potential right there.

Dumb Trick #4 – Solitiare Solos A Reaver

Yeah, the math checks out. Again, you have to roll absolutely perfectly and your opponent has to fail a LOT of rolls. But check this out:

Solitire Blitz = 10 Attacks Base
Stratagem “Torments of the Fiery Pit” = +2 Attacks
Masque Form Frozen Stars: Hysterical Fury = +1 Attacks on the turn your charge

That brings us to 13 attacks. The Stratagem War Dancers allows a unit to fight an additional time. That’s 26 attacks – with a Harlequin Kiss that’s D3 Damage per attack! What’s our theoretical max?


78 Damage

A Reaver Titan has 60 wounds. Last time I checked, 78 > 60.


Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

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