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40K Rumor Roundup: Imperial Knights

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May 15 2018

There’s a lot of info out there about the upcoming Imperial Knights Codex. Let’s get right to it:

We’ve had quite a bit of rumors percolating around the web these past few days. Here’s the big points, combined with what we know for sure:


Codex is coming after Harlequins (exact date unknown, but it won’t be long)

New Knight Castellan


New Knight Armiger Warglaive

Sub-faction Rules for Knight Households/Freeblades


Armiger dual variant combo kit is introduced with new weapon options.

New Armiger variant is upgunned for more firepower.


10 Knight Datasheets included in the codex.

A new kit “Preceptor”/Knight Character combo kit is introduced.

Character kit included a detailed cockpit.

Massive Castellan is a dual combo kit that also builds a “Valiant” option.

Freeblade rules have a benefit-limitation trade-off element that can be chosen by the player.

A piece of Imperial Terrain is included – said to be focussed on rearming, improving firepower and repairing Knights.


~I’m excited about this one.  That Castellan has a date with my gametable!

Author: Larry Vela
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