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5 Reasons I’m PUMPED for Codex Deathwatch

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May 2 2018
Warhammer 40K


Deathwatch were the Uber-elite low model count army before Custodes arrived. Here’s why I think they will shine again!

We all remember the electric thrill when we saw Deathwatch return to the game in 7th Edition hot on the heels of Deathwatch OVERKILL.


Then they got their 7th Codex and we found out all kinds of cool stuff about them from Watchfortresses, to the Clavis, to the super cool Corvus Blackstar with its ability to “Delta-force” bikers out of it on the wing! (If Chuck Norris lives in the Grimdark he’s probably a Deathwatch Blackshield Biker).

Bring it xenos – Merika!

Then 8th hit and the Deathwatch … vanished.  Sure you might say they were shockingly overcosted in Index Imperium 1, but I like to think that it was all a dastardly xenos ploy to hamstring them for 10 months. They have been killing the xenos overlords who penned their Index point costs and inserting more “malleable” new rules writers for their new codex.

Their Time In the Sun

But the Deathwatch is coming back this weekend. Here’s 5 things I am REALLY looking forward to – to kill two birds with one stone, buffing both Primaris and Deathwatch.


Primaris Deathwatch

This one is really a Godsend.  Those W2 models are exactly what the Deathwatch most need – the ability to take a punch and not lose as many of their pricy plastic dudesmen.  You won’t want to take an entire army of them, but having a few sprinkled into your squads to absorb wounds first should help the army take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Deathwatch Intercessors

AT LONG LAST – Meet the best Intercessors in the game.  Why Yes, I will take 24″ Bolt Rifles at AP-3.  Or maybe 24″ Assault2 Wound on a 2+ Hellfire armed Auto Bolt Rifles.  A lot of enemy infantry really won’t like 36″ Stalker Bolt Rifle fire that wounds on a 2+ via Hellfire AND has -2 AP, or “Budget Hellblasters” that hit at AP-4 with the Stalker-Vengeance combo.

Like this, but black, and way cooler!

Deathwatch Inceptors


I always liked Inceptors, but my brave troops always knew it was a one-way trip.  I’m a cruel commander that way. Now massed Assault3 Assault Bolters hitting at either AP-3 for MEQs, or wounding on 2+ for larger beasties will keep ALL the xenos on their toes.

Hellfire Bolts May be Mandatory

When you already wound on a 2+ and get to reroll 1’s against your chosen foe… It’s almost like being a Custodes.  I’m sure moving towards Hellfire as my default choice with the mission tactics table, then sprinkle in other Special Issue Ammo as the need arrises.

Deathwatch Aggressors

I think it’s going to be Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets all the way. Just sit on an objects and double fire away. It’s going to damned hard to shift them. Season with ammo to taste (spoiler: it’s Hellfire).

Bonus Perk – Corvus Blackstars


Everyone else just wishes they had such a cool transport-gunship! It kills things by just flying over it – also LAUNCH BIKERS!!!


~What’s your ideal ammo-unit combo going to be?

Author: Larry Vela
  • GW: Rumor Engine "Smoke On The Water"