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AoS: Stormcast Eternals Faction Focus – New Models Revealed

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May 15 2018

The Golden Boys and Girls of Sigmar are back with more new units – just in time for Age of Sigmar 2.0 coming in June. Come check out the new miniatures and get a peek at some of the new rules!

via Warhammer Community

“Stormcast Eternals are immortal warriors from Azyr that wield the holy power of the storm. When a soul in the Mortal Realms lives a just and true life, upon death, they can be called to Azyr to serve in the armies of the God-King, Sigmar. Each Stormcast Eternal is armed with inviolate sigmarite plate and weapons, and enhanced with a range of powers – from vastly increased strength to more unusual abilities, like detecting lies, projecting bolts of lightning or negating dark magics.”


New Units

The Sequitors

The Sequitors are the rank-and-file unit of the Sacrosanct Chamber. These warriors are similar to Liberators but are more adept at fighting Magical Foes like the new Nighthaunt or Daemons. In their past lives, they were Mystics, Mages and Priests; each warrior can channel power into their shields or their weapons.

The Evocators


As Warrior-Mage Hybrids, Evocators fight with sword and staves. They are a combination of Stormcast Paladin and Battle Wizard and can enhance the abilities of other warriors.

The Castigators

These ranged specialists use their crossbows to deliver “crystalline bombs charged with Dracoth breath” and are effective against standard enemies or the more ethereal foes. The Sequitors are also capable of harnessing lightning into their weapons as well!

The Celestar Ballista


Sometimes you just need to bring out the big guns. The Celestar Ballista is the first ever Stormcast Eternal war machine. Hailing from the more engineering inclined side of the Sacrosanct Chamber, these combat engineers deliver the boom where you need it! They sure look like the Lord-Ordinator…

The Lord-Arcanum

The Commanders of the Sacrosanct Chambers are the Lord-Arcanums. These great warriors are magi of the soul-craft and have “overseen the Anvil of Apotheosis – “where the souls of dead Stormcast Eternals are reforged to life…” These champions of Sigmar can heal their fellows and can help to bring them back to battle.

New Warscroll – Knight-Incator

The first thing to note about the Knight-Incantor is that their attacks are fairly strong. The next thing is that their Voidstorm Scroll is basically the Old World version of a Dispel Scroll! This could be a hint at a re-focus on some of the magical abilities in Age of Sigmar GW hinted at. Those Spirit Flasks are pretty potent as well. It kind of makes me wonder how stable their distillery is…

Spirit Storm is also a dual-purpose spell, causing a Mortal Wound to EACH enemy unit within 18″ of the caster AND subtracting 1 from run and charge rolls for enemy units within 18″. Not too shabby!

The Sacrosanct Chamber looks to add quite the magical punch to an already formidable army. If you ever wanted to mix your Stormcast and your Wizards into one super-being, well just wait until June 2018!


Look out for this Puppy in June 2018!

Author: Adam Harrison
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