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BREAKING: Adeptus Titanicus: More Details, Mini Pics & Video

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May 12 2018

There’s a second round of Adeptus Titanicus details, a teaser video and mini pics! Get in here!

Here’s the latest details on the Adeptus Titanicus launch minis and rules:

Adeptus Titanicus Minis

Next up are the minis themselves:

  • Warlord
  • Reaver
  • Knights
  • Forgeworld Tiles (at least 4 planned)
  • City Buildings
  • Decal Sheets

Adeptus Titanicus Rules & Games

Next up we have details on the launch game and rulesets along with the mini packaging:

  • Horus Heresy Box (no minis)
  • Grand Master Box (as above plus minis & buildings)


~So into this! Also note the potential for expansion into other timelines and races left open…



Author: Larry Vela
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