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40K Deep Dive: Imperial Knights

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Jun 1 2018

The Imperial Knights are awakened by the sounds of war on the horizon. Are you ready to dive in and see what they are brining to the tabletop? Join us as we take a tour of Codex: Imperial Knights!

The Knights are back with a new codex and it’s got a TON of new rules and units:

There is a lot to digest in this one but the big news is that there are more Knight kits on the way. We’re going to get a Knight Castellan and a Knight Valiant. New Knight Armiger Helverins. And Canis Rex:


Aside from the new models, we’re also getting a ton of new Stratagems (29), Relics (22), & Warlord Traits (15) to digest. And that’s not counting the 9 Knight Houses with their “chapter tactics” or the crazy (and fun) Freeblade rules. The icing on the cake is the additional Terrain feature they can bring to the table, too! If you’re a fan of Knights or have been wanting to start an entire Knight House/Army now is the perfect time to dive in.

I’m really happy to see the Knights get a lot of rules to help you customize them all. Even Knights that I was iffy about before (looking at you Knight Gallant) I’m starting to warm-up to the idea of incorporating a Knight (or three) into a list. Everyone could use a Freeblade in their collection, right? GW sure is hoping so…

We’re planning on running the codex through it’s paces next week – stay tuned for more coming soon!

Codex: Imperial Knights is available for Pre-order this weekend!


Author: Adam Harrison
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