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Painting Crucible Guard – Glows, Gears ,And Battle Damage

Jul 15 2018

We’re back with more painting videos for you. This week, Crucible Guard and Cryx are on display, showcasing different techniques for making the most out of your metal minis.

Metal models can be tricky. Whether needing to show off that weathered, lived-in look, or to hit everyone with that eldritch glow that signifies, “I’m charging up my special attack, danger, watch out,” there’s a lot of different effects you can pull off with a little patience and practice. So check out the first of these videos–damage sponge effects with Deathjack.

These are basically different ways to show off the damage to your warjacks (it works especially well with metal models), while not making that the central focus of your paint job. It’s battle damage, right, but it’s not the main draw/reason you pick up these models–but once you’re able to start cooking up some battle damage, you can get all kinds of creative with your model.

Really drill down and make it tell a story. Same goes with that special move glow we mentioned:

So get out there and get your models with a little history. Let the story of the past show through on the model. You’ve got a story to tell–and your mini is kind of the perfect canvas upon which to paint and practice layering in different things before it’s tabletop time. So get out there and get painting folks.

Happy Painting!


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