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Star Wars X-Wing: Two New Ships Spotted For Clone Wars Era

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Aug 11 2018

X-Wing fans, strap in and get ready for the jump to lightspeed! We’ve got two more factions and two more ships on the way from Fantasy Flight Games – and these are a blast from the Clone Wars Era past!

Fantasy Flight Games didn’t show everything off at GenCon for X-Wing, they had a couple more surprises under their sleeves which got revealed this week on the Star Wars show:

Separatists and the Old Republic are coming and here are the first two ships on the way:

“Soon you’ll be able to fly your favorite Jedi’s around the table…”


“One of the Separatists’ ships is going to be Darth Maul in his Sith Infiltrator”




We knew that the Clone Wars Era would open up some options for the Star Wars products that FFG has been making but this is pretty great. Now only do we know that their are two MORE factions on the way we are also getting a taste of what’s to come. It’s going to be very interesting to see what else comes out of these factions and also how they play differently from the others.

FFG has taken great strides in X-Wing Second Edition to make each faction have a different feel on the tabletop. The Old Republic is going to have a lot of Jedi’s flying around which means get ready for some Force Users to really make a strong showing. And the Separatists are going to have Darth Maul and who knows what else flying around (I’m betting Droids). If they do go droid-heavy, I’m guessing we might see some IG-88 style linked abilities for this faction.

Star Wars X-Wing hasn’t even hit the shelve yet and we’re getting a game with 7 factions spanning 3 different eras: Rebel and Empire, Resistance and The First Order, and now Old Republic and Separatists. And yes, Scum and Villainy too, but they span all eras. It’s just too bad you can’t mix factions…yet.

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Make the Jump September 13th, 2018!

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