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40K Monopoly: The Grimdark Property Exchange Now Available

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Sep 13 2018

Monopoly and Warhammer 40,000 are joining forces and somehow it makes too much sense.

We’ve known that 40k and Monopoly were crossing streams and that it was going to be a thing – well it’s now officially out in the US! But part of me has always wondered two things: How did this happen and does this even make any sense from a branding perspective? And while I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting that answers the first part, I’ll probably never know. But the second part…yeah, I think it does fit. Let’s chat about why.

It’s About As GRIM and DARK As It Gets

I’m assuming that pretty much anyone reading this has probably played Monopoly at some point and you probably have a working knowledge of 40k. That said, let’s break down Monopoly really quick:

  • Players take turns moving around the board using 2d6 to determine your movement
  • They “purchase” locations
  • You can get sent to jail
  • If another player lands on an already purchased location, they pay a rental fee to the owner
  • The game ends when only one player has all the assets and the other players are essentially bankrupt

Now you might be thinking “that doesn’t really sound like 40k at all. 40k is GRIMDARK, baby! Where’s that at!?” To that I would ask have you ever actually finished a game of Monopoly?

I have. It’s BRUTAL. Landing on that last location and having to pay rent is excruciating! The feeling of dread as you roll the die. The hopelessness as you move your pawn over the squares that might have provided you with some sense of safety. The sheer terror when you realize you’ve landed on your brother’s most stacked location with 4 hotels. And darkness that sets in as are forced to give him all your money and assets. And the gloating…oh the gloating. NO I DON’T WANT TO PLAY AGAIN AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!

Oh – hey, hi there! That never happened or anything -I Just…uh…was using a hypothetical. Yeah. I made up that story example. No, I don’t need a tissue. And I mean, Monopoly, it’s not like I have a gut wrenching reaction to playing TO THIS DAY or anything. Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine. Is it hot in here. I need to get a water…



Anyways, Monopoly is a game where you drive folks to bankruptcy. Sure, you’re not blowing them up or taking skulls, but you might be doing something far worse when you think about it – you’re ruining them financially. That’s almost like revenge plot of a movie. And if we haven’t even talked about jail time yet.

I’ll be honest, too – I’m a little disappointed that the 4 corner spots didn’t get revamped in the re-skinning of this game. The “Go To Jail” could have been a “HERESY!” joke and had a Adeptus Arbite or an Inquisitor there. And the Jail Cell could have been the Golden Throne some kind of eternal prison thing. But the rest of the board has been re-skinned appropriately and I kind of dig the 6 pawns they chose. Although it’s funny to see a Necron Monolith smaller than a Tyranid Ripper.

If you’re looking to ruin your little brother for life play with family and you’re wanting something that will at least look like a game you actually want to play than pick-up a copy of Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000. If nothing else you can be the person that answers all the inneviateble questions like “What’s a Craftworld? Why is it there instead of the Rail Road?” or “Why does this Forge World have Cogs instead of the power company?” questions. Or you can just send them to the Lexicanum as you weep bitter, Grimdark tears as they gloat over sending you to the poor house once again…

MONOPOLY®: Warhammer 40,000 $39.95

A classic flagship title meets MONOPOLY in a game that takes the infinite war to new levels.  Featuring 22 familiar locations from the setting, MONOPOLY: Warhammer 40,000 lets you play as one of six iconic metal tokens representing key factions and make your way around the board buying, selling, and trading properties in the 41st Millennium.  Build up your conquered locations with Outposts and Fortifications, seal your destiny with Fate and Glory cards, and collect a Billion Souls for the Emperor to continue your quest to dominate the board!



Monopoly: The Grimdarkest of all board games. Bringer of ruin and suffering like no other. And now, not even the Emperor protects from paying the rent.

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