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40K: Rogue Trader – Elucia Vhane’s Secret To Success

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Sep 9 2018

Rogue Traders are many things, wealthy, powerful, used to lives of danger–and Elucia Vhane is a prime example of the sort of hero the Imperium has come to call on in times of need. Take a look at what this Rogue Trader is capable of when fighting alongside allied Imperial units.

Well here we are friends. Rogue Trader is now available, there are now officially two new factions in 40K–the Elucidian Starstriders and the Gellerpox Infected. What a fun bunch of allies. You’ve already seen the Thrice-Cursed leader of the Gellerpox, now let’s take a look at the illustrious Elucia Vhane. Her storied success has carved out a niche for her as a hero of the Imperium, and she makes a valuable asset to any Imperial Commander who is fortunate enough to be able to either afford her services, or be swept up in whatever scheme she’s embroiled in this time ’round.

Of course, she’s got the stats to back up a character that has done the various things she claims to have accomplished. Like every great hero in the 41st Millennium, she is hundreds of years old and wields ancient equipment that is much better than anything in the present day. You can see all of this reflected in her stat block, pictured below.


She might be armed with powerful archeotech, but she’s still just a human, reflected by her strength and toughness of 3, which means it’ll be easy to overwhelm her 4+ save with heavier weaponry. She boosts any nearby units she commands personally (Elucidian Starstriders only) and is otherwise rather interesting because you kind of want to get her into a fight. But you also kind of don’t. Her concealed Archeotech weapon will probably let you get some crucial mortal wounds in, and if she survives being able to unload her heirloom pistol on unsuspecting targets is good. She’s probably a decent backline assassin, but, you kind of also want her with some units to provide her aura buff. Vhane and the Voidsmen and Assassin running around the back flank of an enemy causing havoc could be a good play. But you’ll want to be careful as she is fragile.

Anyway that’s the famed Rogue Trader.

Enjoy as more Kill Team bleeds over into 40K and the galaxy gets a little bigger.


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