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AoS: Beast of Chaos Battletome Overview

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Sep 15 2018

It’s time for a quick tour of the new Beast of Chaos Battletome. What’s in the new book? Join us for some of the highlights!

The Beastmen are back with a new Battletome and they are looking to be a legitimate player as followers of Chaos. Move over Mortals. Step aside Daemons. The Beasts are here to crush the civilizations of order with their impulsive and wild nature!

The book itself is a 104 pages. There is about a 60/40 split for background lore and rules in the book. It’s a re-introduction of the Beastmen and all the other chaos beasties from before, but updated for the current state of the game. Plus there are rules for different herds within the book – and let’s not discount the 4 battalions that are each dedicated to the different chaos gods.

New rules and allegiances means new Abilities, Artefacts of Power, Command Abilities, lores and more. Plus there are TON of tweaks to all your favorite units.

Dragon Ogors got a tweak to their hit rolls – and that’s just the tip of that iceberg!


There are two new lores in the book – one is for their general use and the other encompasses their new Endless Spells. They are a good mix of damage, buffs and debuffs for the Beastmen. That really allows players to find a playstyle that works for them within the army. That also plays nicely with the three different types of Allegences that units can be a part of: Brayherds, Warherds, and Thunderscorn.




I have a feeling that this particular one is going to pop-up a lot.

From new summoning rules to improvements to units – this book has more tweaks than you can shake a Brayhorn at. While there aren’t a ton of new model (really just the Herdstone and the Endless Spells), this book does a great job of opening up the Army and filling it out for Age of Sigmar. It’s a pretty solid addition to the game.

If you want to run a small elite army full of massive beasts or a horde of fast moving skirmishers – you can do that. Or both. Heck, you could go Magic Heavy with the addition of Tzaagors if you really wanted to; the barn door is open and the Animal Farm is going nuts!

The Battletome is going up for Pre-Order this weekend and we’ll have more coverage all week. The Beasts of Chaos are heading to Age of Sigmar Tabletops near you!


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