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D&D: The Big Survey – Give Your Feedback, Shape The Game

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Sep 14 2018

Wizards of the Coast wants to hear from you (yes YOU) about Dungeons and Dragons. Take a massive survey and help shape the future of the game today!

The time has come friends to undertake a massive survey–it’s pretty beefy, taking upwards of half an hour to complete, depending on how thorough you choose to go with your feedback, and which different areas you have strong opinions on. But, Wizards hs put out their big D&D Survey, and is asking for feedback from players like you. So if you want to talk about your favorite setting, different products you’d like to see, different ways you play the game, you tell WotC what you think about what they’re doing. We’ve already seen how closely community feedback can shape what they’re working on.

Good old ‘community feedback’

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything wouldn’t be what it is without community feedback on the player subclasses, among other things. And it seems like they’re looking for every facing of the game. Whether you’re a player or a DM or just someone who’d be interested in buying merch on occasion, Wizards wants to hear from you.


And when they say the future of what they’re working on, it sounds like the future of everything. From what settings and classes are your favorite (and possibly would like to see more of)…

Look let’s just agree to not discuss how long it takes anyone to pick their three favorite classes, okay?

…to questions about what motivates you when you’re playing D&D. Things like exploring the world or finding treasure. These are some personal questions that get you thinking about what actually does matter to you in the game.

There are four different D&D motivation questions, and they’re all about that in-depth. A few are cleverly re-worded versions of a similar question like “do you like arguing about rules,” and “why do you hate fun,” though in seriousness, they do ask about taking random actions or being contrary to ‘keep things interesting.’ And, as you might expect, the survey does include a little bit of marketing bent to it as well.


Questions like ‘which Editions have you played’ also get you thinking about things like ‘what am I likely to go buy’ which can be insidious, but I suppose they do want to make products that people are likely to purchase.

At any rate, the survey is live, and will remain up for a few weeks, so this is your chance to get in there and let WotC know what you think and make sure that your voice gets heard in determining the future of D&D.

Take the Dungeons and Dragons Survey

And then let us know too, because I agonized over it long enough–what ARE your three favorite classes?

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