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GW Pricing & Links: Nightvault & More

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Sep 22 2018

Head into the Mirrored City with Nightvault, plus a bunch of new accessories are up for Pre-order for Warhammer Underworlds!

via Games Workshop

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault $60

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault is an action-packed combat game for two players. Build your warband, construct your deck, and defeat your rivals.

Shadespire was once a city of wonder and magic, a mercantile metropolis whose rulers defied death, to the fury of Nagash. During the height of the city’s powers, rivals, thieves and would-be conquerors were locked away in the sprawling dungeon known as the Nightvault. After the city’s fall, Nagash broke open the chains that bound the shackled spirits within, giving them weapons to freeze the hearts of the living and enough memory of their torment to fill them with hatred and jealousy. The spectral dead delight in the chance to inflict this hatred upon the living, and the streets of Shadespire echo to the sounds of terrifying screams and cruel, mocking laughter…

The Game

In Warhammer Underworlds, you and your opponent pick a warband – 2 are included in this box – and build a deck of power and objective cards. After placing your warband on the hex-tiled game boards, you take turns making actions – movement and attacks – until 3 phases are played. Between actions, you can use the power cards to introduce effects and reactions that can swing the battle in your favour; building the best deck you can and using cunning to deploy these abilities at the perfect time is the secret to mastering the game and dominating your foe. Merely vanquishing your opponent’s warband does not guarantee victory – capturing objectives, standing your ground, making the best tactical choices and deploying the right cards at the right time will gain you the glory points you need to win!

Once you’re familiar with the rules, games will take around 30 minutes – you’ll always have time for a rematch.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Deck Box $8

Store your precious deck of Warhammer Underworlds cards when not playing games with this deck box. Designed to fit up to 75 cards – character, power and objective – snugly and safely whether placed in their protective sleeves (available separately) or not, it’ll keep them from scuffing and damage when not in use, and provide a handy way to carry your decks to and from games.



Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Playmat $20

Add an extra element of organisation to your games of Warhammer Underworld with this attractive gaming mat. It features several marked areas for placement of important in-game objects:

– 2 spaces for piles of power cards, 1 to draw from and 1 to discard to;
– 2 spaces for piles of objective cards, 1 to draw from and 1 to discard to;
– A space for your activation tracker;
– A space for your round tracker;
– A space for glory points, both spent and unspent.

The 331x268mm mat is constructed from durable neoprene, with an anti-slip base and stitched edge, and can be stored folded without creasing.


Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards $35


A major feature of the Warhammer Underworlds game boards is blocked and lethal hexes – the former are impassable obstacles that can create chokepoints and block line of sight, while the latter are dangerous terrain that, when a model is pushed in, prove fatal. One of the keys to becoming a master of the game and dominating every warband you face off against is learning how to use them to your advantage – the Arcane Hazards are a set of plastic tiles providing a 3-dimensional visual representation of these hexes, making it a little more obvious at a glance where these game-changing areas of the board are.

6 hex tiles are included, each a push-fit model on teal-coloured plastic:

– A throne;
– A pyre of skulls;
– A set of 3 sinister triangular ruins, floating above the ground and secured by chains;
– A set of 2 triangular ruins with smoke running between them, a skull grinning from within;
– A broken statue featuring an icon of Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead;
– A set of creepers emerging from the cracked ground below.

This kit is supplies as 17 components.


Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault – Stormsire’s Cursebreakers Dice Pack $10

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Stormsire’s Cursebreakers Sleeves $8

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Thorns of the Briar Queen Dice Pack $10



Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Thorns of the Briar Queen Sleeves $8

Warhammer Underworlds: Magic Dice Pack $8

Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault – Mirrored City Boards Pack $35

Expand and enhance your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault with this pair of double-sided board sections. The Mirrored City boards, previously found in the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire box, provide an opportunity for different tactical challenges and increase your options for multiplayer board layouts when added to your Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault games.

This board is exactly the same dimensions as those provided in the Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault game, and constructed from the same durable card.


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