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L5R: More Previews From ‘Underhand of the Emperor’

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Sep 20 2018

Underhand of the Emperor might be the Scorpion Clan Pack but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cards in there for the other clans. Come see what this pack does for the Crab, Crane, and Dragon clans!

We’ve already gotten a pretty good idea of what the Clan Scorpion pack will do for them. We’ve also got a tease as to what’s in store for some of the other clans. Today we’re diving into the cards for three more clans and what this pack offers them.

via FFG

All eyes are on the Scorpion. They have found themselves in the center of the Emperor’s favor, and the courts of Otosan Uchi are filled with the red masks of the duplicitous clan. But as the Scorpion exhibit strength, they also reveal their weakness. The Great Clans have become accustomed to the Scorpion’s ways, and each has their own methods of dealing with the clan.

Crab Clan – Ultimate Defense

One of the more defensive Clans, Crab tends to want to be left alone and is perfectly happy doing their own thing – protecting the boarder of the realm. That might sound like they would be easy targets for Clan Scorpions sneaky ways but nothing could be farther from the truth. They already have cards like Watch Commander but now they will have Yasuki Oguri to contend with:

Scorpion loves to drop event cards during conflicts and now Yasuki Oguri will benefit from their machinations.

Dragon Clan – Beyond Honorable

Scorpion Clan has a loose relationship with Honor in the game. If you get caught-up with them there are good odds they will drag you down in the mud, too. But Dragon Clan has a new Bushi Duelist that is perfectly adept at getting dishonored and rising-up to fight right back:


When a character becomes dishonored they typically take a penalty based on their glory value. However, in Kitsuki Shomon’s case, she has a Glory of zero so she takes no penalty. On top of that, when a character you control would become dishonored, you can redirect that to her – and ready her as well! And as a 3/3 skill character there is no conflict she wouldn’t be useful in.

Crane Clan – Dissing The Dishonored

There is a great sense of wisdom in being Honored and Crane Clan knows this – conversely they don’t have time for folks who are dishonorable. Scorpion Clan loves to mess with folks with that mechanic but now they’ll have to deal with Doji Fumiki, and she has no time for the dishonorable:

If there is a dishonored character in a conflict she is participating in, she can bow that character which sends them packing. For Scorpion Characters like Shosuro Sadako, that’s really going to sting.

If you’re not playing Clan Scorpion it could be temping to skip this Clan Pack. However, there are tools in the pack for the other clans to deal with their antics and it open up new strategies for your games of Legend of the Five Rings!

Underhand of the Emperor $19.95


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Underhand of the Emperor, a Scorpion Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Underhand of the Emperor contains 78 new cards (three copies of 25 different cards and 1 copy of each of 3 different cards .) Underhand of the Empire expands on classic themes of the Scorpion, giving them new deck building options that encourages them to toe the line between dishonor and defeat. Look for a new Role card, a Philosophy that prevents you from losing the game, and an army of whispers, standing at attention


Ain’t nobody got time for (being dishonorable)!!

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