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Osprey’s Oathmark Offers a New Fantasy Campaign – Part 2

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Sep 23 2018


Osprey Games upcoming mass fantasy battle game, Oathmark, was written by Joseph A. McCullough of Frostgrave fame and uses fantasy miniatures by North Star Military Figures.

This post is a continuation of last week’s post where we looked at the miniatures of the Oathmark Human and Elf Factions. In this post, we take a look at the Dwarf and Orc plastic infantry boxes for Oathmark.

To reiterate from my last article… “My knowledge of the game is based off following the Author’s Blog, the Oathmark Facebook Page and both Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures websites. The game is set to release in 2019. As such, there is lots of time for the details of the game to change. While the game is not yet published, Osprey Games wanted people to have time to build and amass their forces before the release of the game. You should be able to get in on the game with just a box of Oathmark miniatures and build your forces from there. That’s right, this is a campaign game like Frostgrave.”

As a note, all images in this post are from the Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age Facebook Page. The painted miniatures in there are generally done by Kev Dallimore. 

The Miniatures

If you have been looking for alternative models, no matter if you play Frostgrave, 9th Age, or some other game, Osprey has been putting out some cool options.

On Must Contain Minis, I reviewed North Star Military Figures / Osprey Games Barbarian and Cultist plastic boxes. I like those kits a fair bit.

From what I have seen of the Oathmark miniatures, they also look like they will be quite enjoyable to build and paint. Currently, there are four factions for Oathmark (Human, Dwarf, Elf and Orc). Each group has a 30 figure plastic boxed set and six separate champions released at this point. The Multi-Part Hard Plastic figures come with enough bows, spears, hand weapons and shields that you can arm every miniature in the box with the same armament.

The Orcs

Many people tell me that this is their favorite faction. For me, I prefer the Humans and Dwarves, but these guys are cool too.

My understanding is that each faction can raise war against any of the others and even themselves. It might also be possible to combine more than one faction into an army. Perhaps your humans hired a band of orcs as mercenaries. Whatever the reason for your orcs, these guys look cruel.


An Oathmark Orc with a whip. “Move Forward Troops!!!”


The six character models of the Oathmark Orcs. My favorite is the warrior second from the left followed by the mage or shaman on the far right.


The plastic sprue from the Orc boxed set.

The Dwarves

Now this faction looks cool to me. I wanted a box of them ever since the first preview of them that I saw online. They look more like how I envisioned dwarves as a kid playing Dungeons and Dragons than any of the other lines that I have seen out there. Let’s take a closer look.

A group of Dwarves hiding behind the cover of a wall. These guys look great!


The metal characters. Love the Dwarf King.


The Plastic Dwarf Sprue.


A Warband of Dwarves with some Oathmark branding.

Personally, I think I like these figures the most followed by the humans. How about you?


Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this part two of our look at the miniatures of Oathmark. If you haven’t already check out the line, give them a look. You can buy them directly from North Star Military Figures or a number of other suppliers including Brigade Games in the USA (under NorthStar followed by Oathmark).


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