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The New 40k FAQ Can’t Defeat Our Own Daemons

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Sep 21 2018

Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here again to discuss the next big 40K FAQ – and the big problems with our own ranks.

Alas, Poor Battle Brothers, I Knew Him Well…

I am totally onboard with Eighth Edition, but I honestly think the game can be tightened up. For example let’s first look at the beta rule entitled Battle Brothers. This rule was supposed to fix soup but has not help back the tide of WAAC play. You may ask why do I say this so I’ll tell you why, but before I do understand that GW rule did not hold up to the competitive scene – at all. The reason for the fail is that the beta rule did not solve the original problem and unfortunately most people can’t comprehend why…  I am just going to say right here right now if you do understand – good for you, it will become apparent in the comments.

The beta rule entitled Battle Brothers was supposed to nerf soup army lists but it didn’t. Just look at CP farming – it’s still a thing and relevant in major tournaments with WAAC players bringing armies that do not adhere in any way to the background of either the game in general, much less their own codexes. In my honest opinion the best solution is for GW to stop treating WAAC tournament players as if they are rock stars… they create all the problems.

Welcome to Soup 2.0

The main problem with the Battle Brothers rule is for example is you can create a detachment for Space Marines fielding an Ultramarine for your HQ and a Black Templar Scout Squad to use the stratagem to Deny the Witch on the roll of a 4+. Sure Space Marines are not competitive nor top tier BUT there are other factions such as Craftworld Eldar and Necrons that have access to some fantastic stratagems. To me one detachment of Necrons fielding multiple different dynasties is not right. All of the best rules developers agree that the rules should accurately reflect the background and canon. If you want to field a detachment of Space Marines with different chapters then Deathwatch is your go to faction. I just can’t even imagine a detachment of Space Marines composed of different Chapters with the sole reason for doing so to cherry pick stratagems.

The new FAQ is just around the corner now and hopefully GW will resolve issues such as these. It’s no secret that the WAAC tournament players that perpetually strive to find any loophole at any cost have a concern about the longevity of their winning soupy lists – and they should.  These are the same people that ruin the game for the rest of us.

CP farming is the biggest problem now and needs a big fix… a really big fix indeed. People can field three or more Knights and spam CPs by including an IG battalion for less than 200 points… that is more than just annoying to say the least. Every Imperial army list marked for competitive play features IG to farm CPs, Knights and Blood Angels for the Smash Captains – Scouts and Captains. It’s truly pathetic.


~Save us BIG FAQ 2 – You’re Our Only Hope!

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