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Abe, A Plaguebearer & the Mona Lisa: France With Minis, Pt 2

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Oct 9 2018

Watch as Abe and some miniature friends see more of the sites of France, including the now Nurgled Louvre.

For the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling around France seeing various battlefields, castles, forts and other sites. While I went to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Saint Mihiel offensive in WWI I also got to see a lot of other amazing things. Of course, I wasn’t alone. I had some good friends but humans and miniatures along for the ride and we took some pictures. Here are a few of the highlights my little friends saw along the way. Last time I covered the first part of our trip, today we finish up.

Having fished up with Haut-Koenigsbourg we took a quick jaunt across the Rhine into Germany at the behest of our lone Sherman Tank.
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Next it was on the Citadel of Besançon, in this truly massive fort Guardsman Privit got sentry duty in one of the old sentry posts.

The view more than made up for having to work.

That night we stayed in Château de Saint-Fargeau, a beautiful old castle. The Bright Wizard Von Horsthiem was ecstatic to learn it had once been owned by Jacques Cœur a real life Alchemist, making this castle the closest thing to a real life wizard castle you kind fine.



The basement included several models castles, and an unfortunate Chaos infestation.

The wizard and demon fought on several of the miniatures castles.

Von Horsthiem eventually stopped the forces of Nurgal at the gate of the last castle.

Elsewhere in the castle we found a large and strange toy collection, several of the minis enjoyed checking it out.


Von Horsthiem found himself a ship!

Not just one ship but a whole fleet! Unfortunately fire wizards and wooden ships don’t mix well. We’ll say no more on this subject.

Something strange was forming in the old castles attic, Plaguebearer Rotus Pukeguts swore it was totally not Chaos and assured us there was no need for a exorcism.

He was more interested in the old latrines anyway.


We next visited Guédelon Castle, here researchers are building a 13th Century castle using period tools and techniques. The minis got me on camera for once.

Thankfully they were also building a castle for my minis, which Von Horsthiem was happy to claim.

Pukeguts enjoyed the local scenery…

and found himself another toilet to enjoy.

At the Louvre Pukeguts became the first ever Plagueberer to take a “selfie” with the Mona Lisa.


Though he actually liked the Venus de Milo better.

Lieutenant Heurteaux preferred some patriotic art.

Father Poniard, was more into the architecture, he admitted that even if it was heretic church it was still pretty.

At the French army museum Guardsman Privit studied the amazing collection of old relief maps,what I would give to play a game on those.

He also joined in to help assault a town.

While that was happening Heurteaux did a few fly over of some of the maps.

The museum also sported its own large collection of miniatures!

Guardsman Privit mingled and treid to make friends, can you spot him?

As we wound down the trip Heurteaux was able to pay his respects at the tomb of his hero Napoleon.

With a final flyover of a historic landmark it was off home again for the lot of us!

That’s all for my trip to France! Thanks for indulging me, I had a lot of fun trying to take pictures of minis all over the place, and hope it was at least mildly amusing for some of you. I’ll be back to my regular task of writing about tournaments, female Space Marines and why the Eldar need to die later this week! 

If You’ve Taken Your Minis To Any Famous Places Let Us Know, Or Post A Pic, Down In The Comments!  

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