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D&D: Magic Items Of Eberron – Wondrous Items For Fun And Profit

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Oct 26 2018

So far this week we’ve visited Undermountain and Ravnica, now let’s take a look at the third new D&D setting–Eberron. Today we’ve got a look at some of the wondrous items that you can find in the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron.

Wondrous Items are the catchall term for anything that isn’t a specific magic weapon, armor, ring, arcane focus, potion, or scroll. So bascially everything from Flying Carpets to Bags full of animals waiting for you to summon them, to the legendary Apparatus of Kwalish.

Wondrous Items are already amazing–but if you’ve read our review of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything then you know that Common Magic Items are a more fun, smaller-in-scale but larger-in-shenanigans set of items as well. These are wondrous items that are limited in power to be more available to, well, commoners. But their effects spark the imagination; things like the Dread Helm which makes your eyes glow red while wearing it, or the Wizard’s Hat which lets you try and pull a cantrip out of your hat.

In Eberron, magic is common enough that you have magewrights who create magical things for practical, common uses. After all, everyone has the potential to know at least a little about the arcane forces that permeate the world. So Common Magic Items look a little different in Eberron–they reflect a world where magic has a place in everyday life–these are not powerful items, but they are surprisingly great at creating immersion.

via Wizards of the Coast

Let’s dive in with the Common Magic Items of Eberron. As you might expect of a world where Arcane magic is a part of everyday life to the point that magic is used for something as common as lighting the streets or sending a letter across long distances, the Common Magic items have a little more pragmatic bent to them. They paint a picture of the kind of world that magic has built on Eberron.

Band of Loyalty – A ring that, if you fall to zero hit points while wearing it, you immediately die. They say it’s favored by spies–but this practically screams Harkonnen Heart Plugs to me.


Cleansing Stone is a stone that gives you the prestidigitation effect of cleaning yourself off–these can be found in public places in richer parts of Khorvaire, meaning your party can be clean murderhobos wherever they go.

Everbright Lantern – Basically what it says–it’s continual flame on a lantern. Street lights, people. Up and down the boulevard.

Feather Token – Hey did you miss those tokens of feather falling? This is basically a magical parachute–slightly more expensive for airships, but this is perfect security for your party when the airship they’re traveling on gets attacked and blown up by Zilargo agents on a flying machine.

Now we get into some of the magic items that really speak to PCs. These are the ones they might go out of their way to try and call on you for.

Glamerweave – Clothing that is imbued with illusion magic–this is basically the ultimate in stylish expression. With examples including a gown that appears to be wreathed in flames, there’s no limit to what you can do with this–as long as it doesn’t have an impact on combat. But with something like this, you can avoid combat. Seriously, this is a social-oriented characters +3 flaming sword.


Shiftweave – Is the transmutation version of magic fabric. A suit of Shiftweave clothes are handy to anyone who needs to have a change of clothes immediately accessible, including spies, performers, con-artists, charlatans, adventurers who desperately need to not look like the people who were just seen leaving the Grand Vizier’s room with all his treasure. With Shiftweave one piece of clothing has five embedded into it–so this is super memory fabric.

Spellshard – This is the return of one of my favorite items from Eberron. Spellshards are polished dragonshards–already this is shard-heavy which is the way I like it, but for those of you who don’t know, dragonshards are translucent stones that pulse with power and can be used for all kinds of magical effects. The Spellshard is a crystal spellbook–basically you convert your paper book to a digital format, allowing you to see the information stored within this glowing, palm-sized stone. So if you need a Kindle, here you go.

That’s a look at the Common Magic Items you can find. You can read the whole list of Eberron magic items here, and be sure to check back next week as we cover Warforged Components.

Happy Adventuring!

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